Regional Weather Forecast for West Midlands

Regional Forecast for West Midlands Headline: Very cold tonight with icy stretches. This Evening and Tonight: Dry overnight with largely clear skies, although a few freezing fog patches may form. With light winds, there will be another widespread and severe frost with a risk of ice for many. Minimum temperature -12 °C. Tuesday: Any freezing fog […]

10 Tips To Stay Cool In The Sun As Met Office Predict Another Scorcher In Stoke Tomorrow

It was hot today (Sunday 18th June) here in Stoke-on-Trent and the Met Office are predicting a much warmer day tomorrow. We could see a high of 29 degrees on Monday afternoon. So how can you stay cool on days like this? Most of it is common sense really. 1. Wear sun cream even […]

Are you Ready for Winter?

We British love to talk about the weather. It’s one of our most recognisable stereotypes, alongside bad dental hygiene and us all being secretly James Bond at one point. Now this conversation is always prominent around the Autumn/Winter seasons. We’ve now gone from “Isn’t it cold for August?” to “It’s cold!” For some, the frosty […]

Is This The End Of Summer ?

Despite a dry and sunny June and a brief heat-wave at the start of July, summer overall looks set to be cooler than average and cooler than either summer 2013 or 2014. It has also been rather wetter than average, however sunshine totals are expected to be near average. In general the weather has been […]