10 Tips To Stay Cool In The Sun As Met Office Predict Another Scorcher In Stoke Tomorrow

It was hot today (Sunday 18th June) here in Stoke-on-Trent and the Met Office are predicting a much warmer day tomorrow. We could see a high of 29 degrees on Monday afternoon. So how can you stay cool on days like this? Most of it is common sense really. 1. Wear sun cream even […]

Who Remembers Robert Huth’s Cheeky Message For The Summer

Who remembers Robert Huth’s cheeky message for summer? Here’s Rob Ledgar memories of the interview. “I present the Boots Bats N Balls show every Saturday morning on 6TR. One of my favourite interviews was with Robert Hugh after the Stoke City player of the year awards in 2012 at the Kings Hall Stoke. Robert was […]