Theatre Review: The 39 Steps

Review by Rachel Edwards This week, 4 actors roll into town tasked with playing 139 characters in 100 minutes. With an average of more than one character per minute you would expect this to be a fast-paced play and it doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s Alfred Hitchcock’s spy thriller, ‘The 39 Steps’, which is now […]

Theatre Review | Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has flown into The Regent Theatre in Hanley and it’s arguably one of the best stage shows to grace the city. It is rare in a review to start straight off the bat talking about the set, but the use of projection during the production is simply mesmerising – I imagine […]

Comedy Club to AXE monthly ‘Best In Live Comedy’ Night

It has been announced by Glee Managing Director, Mark Tughan that the Glee comedy club based below Fiction Nightclub in Hanley will no longer offer the monthly comedy nights. Every attempt has been made by the whole Glee team to keep the monthly shows as part of the bill but sadly it has proved unsustainable […]