Radio Chillz

This is Radio Chillz…..

Radio Chillz is a radio show broadcast from Chillz Bar in Burslem each week by 6 Towns Radio.

The show is broadcast live every Thursday between 9pm and 11pm on 6 Towns Radio Player 2

Each week there are live acts.  The acts are usually live music, but sometimes we mix it up with some comedy acts.

Check out Radio Chillz on Facebook for details of the live acts each week.  During each week we are posting photo’s and videos of the nights events as they happen, so make sure you give us a like to keep up to date on future acts and check out the photos and videos.

Where is Chillz Bar located ?

Located a minute walk from Burslem town centre.

Chillz Bar (formerly Huntsman) Westport Road,  Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 4AH

Chillz Bar Location

Radio Chillz