Have 6 Towns Radio At Your Event

Do you want to hire 6 Towns Radio for your event ?

We do many events each year, and a lot of these events are ones that we are asked back to each year. For example each year we do Penkhull Jazz and Blues Festival, Harp Of Gold Charity Fun Day and various Christmas lights events around the city just to name a few !

 What’s Included ?

We will supply all the technical equipment needed for the PA at the event.  This includes the PA kit itself, mixer, laptops, microphones etc.

We will supply the staff to setup and operate all the equipment during the event. This is usually a mix of presenters and technical/event staff.   Depending on the size of the event, a minimum of 2 staff will be provided.

We will of cause supply the music, and this will be tailored to suit the event.  Our event staff are experienced and know what to play to suit the people attending your event.

We will promote the event on our website and social media.

Event FAQ

Here is some of the most common questions we get asked regarding events.

People say “You need a PA for that event” but what do they mean ?

PA is short for “Public Address System”.  When people say you need a PA for an event what they actually mean is that you need some form of professional sound system at the event.  So that people can hear any announcements made, and music or live acts via.

Can you supply any references for past events you have done ?

Yes, please ask if you require this, we can put you in touch with organisers of past events.

Can you supply any live acts or bands ?

We have a good working relationship with many local bands and artists, we are able to book and arrange such acts on your behalf.  Please note that almost all artists don’t perform for free, if you let us know what your budget is for this then we can speak to the artists on your behalf if required.  This is of cause an additional fee if required and this goes direct to the artist or band booked and not ourselves.

Can you supply a celebrity  for our event ?

Most people would like a celebrity to officially open their event, be there for photographs and autographs etc.  As you probably know mainstream celebrity’s have quite high fees and they are out of the price range for most small local events.  However, there is still the option of local celebrity’s to attend, they might be sports starts past or present etc.  If you are interested in this, let us know your requirements , we know many local celebrity’s.

Do you offer a fixed price for all events ?

No we are unable to offer a fixed price for all events.  Every event we do is different, some require more staff than others, some require extra equipment and the time each event lasts is also unique.

Can you broadcast live from my event ?

Yes, for a small additional fee we can broadcast the event on our “Player 2”.  This is subject to Wi-Fi or mobile data coverage at the event venue.

The above says what you supply, but what do I as an event organizer need to do ?

At all events we will need power, this needs to be via a standard 13amp socket.  It can be from a normal fixed power point, or via a generator.  If you plan to use a generator please contact us in advance and we can tell you the resource requirements for our equipment so you hire the correct one.  Please note that we can not provide a generator, this would be at your additional cost if no fixed power was available.

We also need a dry, flat surface to work from.  If the event is indoors then this usually isn’t an issue.  If the event is outdoors, we can supply a gazebo for our team to work from.

Ideally we will need somewhere to park close to where we are going to be located, as we have a lot of heavy equipment to setup and take down at the end of the event.

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