It All Started With Radio Luxembourg

So, if your old enough you may remember Radio Luxembourg…..

So it was 25 years ago that Radio Luxembourg stopped broadcasting after over 59 years of been on the air.

People joke today about the number of online radio stations, many unregulated stations are known as “bedroom stations” as they are just a PC in someones bedroom playing music.   But that is exactly how Radio Luxembourg started out.  In April 1924 the Anen brothers take the step from amateur radio to broadcasting, sending out a regular programming from Luxembourg, playing mainly music records. François and Marcel Anen installed a radiotelephone transmitter in the attic of their house to do this.

Radio Luxembourg in my opinion was one of the pioneers of modern radio.  They did things other stations dare not do, and that was something really simple, they played the music that people wanted to hear and had laugh doing it.   In the early day’s of radio the BBC did things differently, very few programs played popular music, and there was certainly no laughs to be heard on air.   I guess this is why, in its hay-day in the 70’s and 80’s they ruled the air in many peoples opinion.

Many radio presenters today follow that wackey presenting style, personally the only two who really do it well are Chris Evans and Chris Moyles even if he does try to take it to far at times.

Just a few names you may remember from 208 include – Pete Murray, Rob Jones, Neil (Dr) Fox, Jimmy Savile, Chris Moyles, Steve Wright, Noel Edmonds, David ‘Kid’ Jensen, Mike Read, Emperor Rosko,  Tony Prince, Benny Brown, Howard Pearce, Mike Hollis, Mark Wesley, Shaun Tilley, Mike Knight,  Noel Edmonds

Radio Luxembourg stopped broadcasting on 30 December 1991