Beartooth have dropped an awesome new album, Agressive – check out this banger Hated – it’s a jammm! Catch the 6TR Rock Show every Tuesday 9pm UK time.

Top 5 Consolations After EU Vote!

Top 5 consolations if the Vote is Leave the EU: 5 Everything that happens subsequently will be blamed on Brexit. Unemployment figures, car accidents, cat fur on carpet, the weather… 4 We won’t have to be Politically Correct anymore, and can tell anyone with the slightest tan that we fought the war so people like […]

Gangsta Granny Reveiw

GANGSTA GRANNY David Walliams’ children’s books are quick becoming the modern day Roald Dahl equivalents. With larger than life characters, an easy to follow plot and a warm hearted message. One half of the masterminds behind ‘Little Britain’ Walliams has masterfully taken these obscene characters, filtered them down and successfully managed to put them in […]

Bree live in-session for the 6TR Rock Show

Yo! Check out American rocker Bree performing live on the streets of Burslem for the 6TR Rock Show. S/O to Terry Bossons for setting this awesome opportunity up for us. Check out Bree here. Catch the 6TR Rock Show every Tuesday 9pm UK time.

At Least I Found The Fake Port Vale Bomb!

When you think of Old Trafford you don’t normally think of incompetence. Well, actually, you probably do these days, as Manchester United lumber from one crisis to another. If it’s not failure on the pitch, failure in Europe, or managerial musical chairs, it’s the farcical events leading up to the postponement of their final Premier […]

6TR Rock Show interview Dr Boogie and No Traffik

Dr Boogie are a straight down the line rock’n’roll band from L.A. and Mark and I caught up with frontman Chris P just ahead of their U.S. tour. Check it out… In other news we heard from No Traffik drummer, Wes and spinned their ace jam Battlegrounds. 6TR Rock Show, every Tuesday 9pm UK time

Do a good deed? Do me a favour! Why it’s not worth it.

So, I was in a Newcastle car park, and this car ahead of me pulls into a space on the left. So, I decide I’ll park in a space on the right. Just as I’m turning into it, the guy starts reversing out again. He’s decided to back out of the space on the left […]

Historic Newcastle Buildings Next For The Chop?

Newcastle Council have decided to demolish the town centre’s historic St Giles/St George school & replace it with an office block, despite local protestations. We asked local business mogul, Trash-Can Syd, what other town centre landmarks could also easily disappear. “1. The Guildhall – Long since known as “that old building opposite McDonalds”, the Guildhall […]

Carmen at the Regent Theatre, Stoke on Trent by Carol Lovatt

The award winning Ellen Kent Productions, who consistently tour with their passionate and emotive opera company, are back in the Potteries for just two nights and what a treat it is.  With an array of outstanding professional singers, predominantly from Eastern Europe and most notably from Chisinau, Kent’s productions are always worth taking note of […]