6TR ROCK SHOW NEW MUSIC ALERT! The Amity Affliction ‘This Could Be Heartbreak’ album review

Out today 12.8.16 on Roadrunner is album This Could Be Heartbreak from Australian metalcore quartet The Amity Affliction. On this, their 5th full length release, The Amity Affliction veer closer to the mainstream than ever before. Bassist/singer Ahren Stringer delivers some ultra radio-friendly clean vocal choruses (check out title-track video below), contrasting these are other […]

6TR ROCK SHOW NEW MUSIC ALERT! Russian Circles ‘Guidance’ album review

Friday 5th August saw post-rock trio Russian Circles release their sixth album ‘Guidance’ via Sargeant House. When you have no singer (Russian Circles are purely instrumental) the music HAS to have something to say. And here it does, the album takes you from the beautiful to the sinister, from the delicate to the brutal and […]

6TR ROCK SHOW NEW MUSIC ALERT! Moose Blood ‘Blush’ album review

Friday 5th August saw Australian emo-rockers MOOSE BLOOD released their eagerly awaited sophomore album ‘Blush’ via Hopeless. The band have a happy knack of packaging heartaching lyrics in a catchy pop punk wrapping. That means you can have a party AND a mope with these guys! Erring towards the formulaic in places, this is balanced […]

We’re Men-With-Bags…don’t mess with us!

In a memorable episode of Friends as late as 1999, Joey (the red-blooded, womanising alpha-male) has to defend his man-bag to the beta- and gamma- males, exclaiming: “Just coz you don’t understand something doesn’t make it wrong.” A great moment


Beartooth have dropped an awesome new album, Agressive – check out this banger Hated – it’s a jammm! Catch the 6TR Rock Show every Tuesday 9pm UK time.

Top 5 Consolations After EU Vote!

Top 5 consolations if the Vote is Leave the EU: 5 Everything that happens subsequently will be blamed on Brexit. Unemployment figures, car accidents, cat fur on carpet, the weather… 4 We won’t have to be Politically Correct anymore, and can tell anyone with the slightest tan that we fought the war so people like […]