ABNORMAL STAG FOAL (Football Anagrams)

ABNORMAL STAG FOAL (Football Anagrams)

The following are football related anagrams – see how many YOU can get. Thy are all Past or Present Players, Managers etc. PLUS English Football Teams.

Ask your family and friends if they can help – print it off and take it to work or down the pub!

WARNING – they are not easy, so just to help you get started, the answer to No 1 is Wigan Athletic.


  1. A Genial Witch
  2. Cost Key It
  3. Join Free Made
  4. Hump Allergy Toy
  5. Hung Crab Oil
  6. Fish Fly Deadens Weed
  7. Heated Swim Nut
  8. Snake Trim
  9. Two Penny Court
  10. Yon Weary One
  11. Use John Room
  12. Why No Critic
  13. Yo Trendy Club
  14. She Got Ruff
  15. Misery Jam Veg
  16. Filet Dundee Fish
  17. Closing Canary Tent
  18. Red China Meets Nut
  19. Lynch Rob Abbot
  20. Punt Hamster Tooth
  21. No Nutty Cots
  22. Soft Granite Month
  23. Better Open Tin
  24. Alien Ship
  25. Brian Nob Lout
  26. A Lint Salvo
  27. Get A Seven
  28. Me Lady Rascal
  29. Rap Tory End
  30. The Tough Tear Gas
  31. Wheel Month Can’t
  32. Son Drank Gob
  33. Print Streamer
  34. Own Vile Toy
  35. Lap Voter
  36. Leg Junk Prop
  37. Rot Bee Eggs
  38. Denim Bowl
  39. Cert Cup Hero
  40. Deflects Heir
  41. Bambino Cow Whistler
  42. Curl Braver Knobs
  43. Sorry Spoon
  44. Want Month Pronto
  45. Set Icicle Tyre
  46. Race Me Mob
  47. Leafy Arms
  48. Delicate nun Stew
  49. Brand New Sole Rot
  50. On Into Act One
  51. Shy Ceramic Tent
  52. Buster Sworn Why
  53. Banana Rind Lover
  54. Bite Sly Slob
  55. Horn Judge
  56. Never Foster Rogers
  57. See Green Wren
  58. The Conceited Slur
  59. Starved Coroners
  60. Poem Pot
  61. Leaches
  62. The Algebra
  63. Ring Bed Poet
  64. Stew Thy Last Name
  65. Humour Cab Often
  66. Toy Rifleman
  67. Studied The Noun
  68. Wow Rent Clay
  69. Tinned Monkey Loss
  70. Wear Ex-Calander
  71. Haunt Tom’s Op
  72. Didn’t Tawny Go On
  73. Cow With Snip
  74. Bong My Wrist
  75. Win Medal Fonts


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