6TR ROCK SHOW NEW MUSIC ALERT! Black Foxxes ‘I’m Not Well’ album review

Con from the 6TR Rock Show brings you this review:

It is always great to hear exciting new bands, especially when they are British, have great songs and have something worthwhile and ground-breaking to say.

The Black Foxxes new album takes you on a real musical journey against a background of swirling emotions which manifest through the lyrics and vocals of vocalist/guitarist Mark Holley who can channel the most melancholy and laid back moments whilst firing the band up with an intensity of a modern day Kurt Cobain.

What makes this album so special is the use of dynamics which accentuate the highs and lows of the music and the subject matter of the eleven tracks.


Album opener I’m Not Well uses the light and shade to great effect with its laid back intro and emotive vocals that builds up into a massive and powerful crescendo with Mark screaming “I’m not well…..Teach me how to breathe.” and then ends really quietly. It is refreshing to hear a young band who can play with such dynamics and it reminds me of the most laid back moments of Radiohead combined with the intensity of Nirvana!

Husk (see video below) is 2.44 of pure aural pleasure and should be one of the tracks that will surely achieve massive success for the Black Foxxes as it is massively commercial.

Whatever Lets You Cope is another track that takes you on a trip musically with intense vocals from Mark again and an almost U2-esque guitar line. It leads into a chorus that is sublime and you can hear Mark’s voice cracking with emotion at the end. This is one of my favourite tracks on the album.

How We Rust will sound great live with its driving beat, melodic guitars and use of feedback – another massive chorus here folks.

River is another highlight. The band’s ability to match the mood and intensity of the vocal line is staggering.

The next three tracks up start with Maple Summer, another future single perhaps? Bronte, a more laid back track with amazing deep and painful lyrics and Waking Up, a more in your face driving song that reminds me of Placebo.

Home manages to combine a hypnotic guitar melody with an intense almost snarling vocal whilst Slow Jams Forever is a brooding jam. Album closer Pines is another example of a band who are able to match chaos with musicality and finishes what is in my opinion an absolute triumph for a band’s first proper album.

A special mention must also go to the producer, Adrian Bushby (Muse, Foo Fighters, My Bloody Valentine), who has managed to capture the moods and emotions of the band and make this record such a special one.

What I love about this album is besides the amazingly atmospheric music and melody that the band possess they match the intensity and fragility of Mark Holley’s vocals throughout every song. I admire that the songs address the issue of mental health, which is a common theme through the album, and I believe that this album will hopefully give many people inspiration to speak up about whatever it is they are going through.

If you are looking for inspiration, melody, great songs and proof that Britain is producing amazing bands you have to check this album out. It is immense.

Rating: 9/10

For fans of Black Peaks, Lonely the Brave, Dinosaur Pile-Up

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