6TR ROCK SHOW NEW MUSIC ALERT! The Color Morale ‘Desolate Divine’ album review

Out today 19.8.16 on Fearless is metalcore quintet The Color Morale‘s new album Desolate Divine.

Things change. People change. Fashions change. Bands are no different, they develop and grow and The Color Morale have done just that across their (now) five album career. There is something in the air at the moment – certain bands are moving away from their heavy roots towards the mainstream (think BMTH, Amity Affliction). Desolate Divine represents such a move for The Color Morale.


Most noticable is the change in vocal style of front man Garret Rapp. He no longer screams, leaving this duty to rhythm guitarist Aaron Saunders, and while Rapp’s melodic clean vocals sound undeniably great singing some very catchy choruses across this album (check Walls vid below) there is an edge that is lacking here.

The moments when the unclean vocals are deployed are some of the highlights of the album (Clip Paper Wings). We feel their absence or limited use on other tracks though, which come over as servicable alt-rock/pop rock tunes rather than something vital.

Some of the drops are pretty epic folks (check Trail of Blood) and upon second and third listens you’ll be singing along with some choruses for sure. The production (courtesy of Dan Korneff – A Day to Remember, Pierce the Veil) is quite glossy but it still manages to retain the band’s power. There’s certainly enough here to warrant your attention and to please existing fans, so do check out Desolate Divine – The Color Morale are a band in transition and it will be interesting to see how they develop from here.

Rating: 7/10

For fans of The Word Alive, Issues, Of Mice and Men

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