Author: Tom Kowalczyk

Top 10 Greatest British/Irish Novels.

Happy World Book Day. Today is the day we celebrate the wonderful art of reading in the UK. Kids all around the country celebrate by dressing up as their favourite characters from literature and Mr Bean(sorry, its a fictional character that originated from a TV Show) to celebrate this wonderful day I have decided to […]

Alternative Films To Watch This Christmas – 2017.

Alternative Films To Watch This Christmas – 2017. Christmas, the season of good will! Sometimes there is nothing better than chilling out in your tranquility or with family watching Classic Christmas films. But sometimes its not all about ‘Its a Wonderful Life’ or ‘Elf’. Some People have different tastes, Some People are sick and tired […]

Top 10 Worst Films Of All Time.

With The Disaster Artist being released very soon the cult film The Room is back in the public’s consciousness, for all the wrong reasons though. The Room is renowned as the ‘Citizen Kane of bad movies’ by critics and ‘fans’ of the film. This made me think however, What is the Worst Film of all […]