Shader Chat To 6TR

Stu Whiston from Shader had a lockdown chat to Terry Bossons about the new single and the band

RELEASE DATE – 29th May 2020
LABEL – 42s Records

Hot North West based indie rock & roll band SHADER have signed to Manchester’s hottest indie label, 42’s Records and release their STUNNING double A side debut physical single on 29th May 2020, combining brand new track TIME IS RIGHT – just the uplifting tonic the indie kids need at this time, a positive call to action and an eclectic swirl of melodic guitar riffs, with the raucous and driving grooves of BE MY SAVIOUR
Both tracks showcase catchy hooks and addictive anthemic choruses.
The CD single also contains 2 bonus tracks – the new song LATELY (DEMO) which shows a different side of Stu’s writing and an amazing live version of RISE.
Hailing from various points between Stoke and Manchester, SHADER have built a strong online following through their release of the video for BE MY SAVIOUR and on the live front through relentless gigging, including supports to Shaun Ryder (Happy Mondays) & Kyle Falconer (The View), winning over audiences with their enigmatic presence, arena-sized ambition and precision grooves.
Main writer and lyricist Stu Whiston on the songs:
“TIME IS RIGHT is about rising up from self-destruction, or out of isolation, it’s dedicated to the underdog in society. It’s about the point where a someone decides to pull themselves together and fight against the thoughts in their mind”.
“BE MY SAVIOUR is a modern day prayer, inspired by social media —“Looking for some soul falling on my feet. Like a shopping trolley on a pebble beach” reflects how people like to paint a perfect picture of their lives online—very different to the reality”.