5 Of The Most Exciting Teams To Watch This Premier League Season

Premier League 2020 is already going on in full swing.

With Liverpool ruling the stats by now, we can surely say that it’s been a good season so far for them. However, that’s not the only best team that you may choose to follow this season. There are others that are doing good or at least giving a good game with their 100% efforts.

In this post, we are going to talk about five such teams that you can follow this premier league season for some real excitement and adventure.

1. Norwich

Oh yes! This looks exciting. Is this list starting from the end? Well, you’ll find out.

Don’t tell us that watching Daniel Farke play in his erratic yet classy style doesn’t excite you. Don’t tell us that you can’t see Teemu Pukki doing great for one of the top clubs in the next EPL.

Yes, the talent is there. Maybe it’ll just take some time to sit down and settle.

The games that Norwich got involved in have been exciting regardless and that makes them one of the most exciting teams to watch in this season of EPL.

2. Burnley

Yes, not the best team on the points table, but we can surely call it a great effort from their side. Certainly, one reason is that in the points table, they are right next to the Gunners, which isn’t small considering the records.

In fact, if a few months ago, you’d have told a Burnley fan that their team is going to be in the top 10 in the following EPL season, they might not have believed or might have considered it a fair win for their team.

What’s gonna be exciting is to watch them do their thing in the upcoming matches.

3. Aston Villa

No, we aren’t only talking about the teams on the lower side of the scorecard. But, yes Aston Villa has been doing fine, and their fixture with Spurs was totally entertaining. And that’s what we are talking about.

However, Toby Alderweireld opened the match with an own goal the team still seemed to do good in the later parts.

In fact, the game was so exciting that even Sam Tighe couldn’t help but come out with the following tweet.


Clearly, we can give a good pat on the back to this team, as apart from winning or losing, they have been giving us all an excellent game to watch.

Apart from this, one such exciting game that fans are looking forward to is the one having West Ham v Wolves. The rank difference is quite similar to the one between Spurs and Villa, so, yes, we may get to see a hot match.

4. Tottenham Hotspur

A few months back, this team was so near to bagging one of the biggest football titles in Europe. This had undoubtedly set the hopes high for every supporter. However, the hotspurs haven’t been looking that great in this season by far.

Yes, the team houses top talents from all over the globe and has the right potential to make or break the game at a rate of knots, but the magic isn’t seemingly working for now.

Still, they are placed at number six for now, which means they are safe and still have a good chance to come back.

Surely, every fan would be crossing fingers for the same.

5. Manchester City

Ranked at number two, right after Liverpool, Man. City is certainly having a great time this season.

The crowds, as always are going gaga to get tickets for Manchester City and surely the games are coming off as equally exciting. However, the grind is still tough as being number two wouldn’t help them bag the big trophy.

So, let’s see how things turn out for them in the following fixtures.