6 Top Tips On How To Make-Over Your Home

6 Top Tips On How To Make-Over Your Home


Now and then it becomes time to consider a home make-over as, let’s be honest, we get bored looking at the same old décor month after month, year after year, not mention styles and trends changing over time. Here we are going to look at 6 top tips to getting the best out of making over your home.


Consider If It Needs Any Heavy Work Done?


Firstly are you looking at any heavy work being done? Or is it more just a cosmetic job, giving the place a touch-up. If you are wanting to move walls or build extensions you should consult with your builder for a feasibility study and also check if you need planning permission from the local authorities.


Make A Plan


Once you know what you want you should commit to writing and make drawings and plans of what you might like done. It doesn’t matter if you are not the best artist or designer in the world, even simple or crude drawings can help your contractors know what you are looking to achieve and help plan it out.


Get Several Quotes 


It always pays off to get several quotes for any work needing to be done. This will not only give you a comparison for pricing but allow you to compare methods and even get different ideas on how the work should progress as well as getting a feel for who you think would be easiest to work for.


What About The Garden?


We always think about the house but the garden areas are just as important. Think about whether this can be part of your plans and what you’d want doing, even small features such as a picket fencecan help make a difference to the look of the place. Or if you would rather go in for huge changes such as re-landscaping significant areas, then you may need extra workers or another firm that can handle this kind of thing.


Which Materials Are Best For You?


Sometimes you know exactly what you want and that can include materials, so if you know you want a marble counter in the kitchen or a certain type of laminate flooring then make this clear. Sometimes a contractor will try to push you towards one material or another as they often get better deals on products they buy regularly and this can work out if you end up liking those products, but be firm if it’s definitely not what you want.


Research The Suppliers


If you are thinking about which materials, kitchen fittings even paint or wallpaper then it’s a good idea to thoroughly research the suppliers. There are many things that you might want to take into account including online reviews to see if they tend to last or damage easily. These days you would also maybe take into account how environmentally friendly each supplier is, do they use recycled materials, for example, or if the materials need to be disposed of are they safe for the environmentand be aware of how you dispose of anything as you don’t want to be hit with a massive fine.