Tips For Finding The Right Rental Accommodation For You

Tips for Finding the Right Rental Accommodation for You

A fifth of UK households are now renting. The market has grown rapidly in recent years, something which has made it all the more difficult for renters to find what they want. But that variety only makes it more difficult for potential renters to make their minds up. Thankfully, here are a couple of tips to make the rental process that much easier.

Reduce the search

This is perhaps the most important one on the list. Reduce your search in as many ways as possible. The most obvious of these is to find your Goldilocks zone for price. Budget how much you’ll have available to spend – not forgetting to allow some breathing room – and take it from there.

After that, narrow down your search based on how much space you need. In terms of areas, many people are tempted to reduce their search to one specific area. This can often be counterintuitive if people rule out areas they may not have considered. Think about travel links and whether you may want to sacrifice some extra commuting time to save a decent amount of money in rent. It may be worthwhile to give up living in a trendier area and commute – especially if this isn’t a long-term move for you.

Check for hidden fees

This may be obvious to some but it is worth reiterating. The law has changed in England so that letting agencies can no longer charge high fees but renters should still be on the lookout for other fees. 

Renters are encouraged to read the fine print on any agreements they would need to sign to secure a property. Be sure to take extensive photographs of the property before you’ve moved in to give yourself some evidence when it comes to reclaiming any security deposit costs. 

Switch your bills

Once you’ve moved in then don’t accept the existing utilities. Very often, people pay over the odds on things like electricity, broadband, and insurance so don’t be scared to have a look. Price comparison sites like Go Compare can help people get better deals at lower prices. It doesn’t take long to check and costs nothing to do so.

Find the right owner 

This is vital, especially if you’re going through a private landlord. It’s not uncommon for landlords to request a reference from potential tenants but it’s a two-way relationship. It can be disastrous for tenants who are stuck in a contract with a difficult landlord. If possible, do your research by asking previous tenants for something of a reference of your own.

Of course, a safer alternative is to go down the route of a letting agency. Local agency MD Properties is an established firm which has been trading since 1992. It’s often more advantageous to go with a tried and trusted local business than gamble with a private landlord.