Under The Covers’ Recipe of the Day – Corn, Cheese & Chilli Empanadas

This is today’s recipe of the day for Sunday 15th September 2019

Corn, Cheese & Chilli Empanadas

Makes 8 mini empanadas, Prep 25mins plus chilling, Cook 20mins

½ x 198g can Sweetcorn, drained well

A Small Handful of Coriander, leaves and stalks chopped

1 x Spring Onion, finely sliced

25g x Extra Mature Cheddar, grated

½ x Green Chilli, chopped

230g x Ready-Rolled All-Butter Shortcrust Pastry

1 x Egg, beaten

2 tbsp x Sesame Seeds

Make the filling by mixing the corn, coriander, spring onion, cheese and chilli with some seasoning. Unroll the pastry sheet, roll a little thinner with a rolling pin, then use a 10cm circle cutter to cut out circles of pastry. (You should get 6 circles, then re-roll the trimmings for 2 more.) Brush edges of the circles with a little of the beaten egg, then spoon a couple of teaspoonfuls of filling mixture onto each. Fold over one half of the pastry, and seal by pinching the edge with your fingers, until you have 8 small pasty shaped empanadas. Arrange on a baking parchment lined baking sheet, brush with the rest of the egg and scatter with sesame seeds. Cover and chill for at least 30 mins before baking. To serve, heat oven to 200C/180C fan/ gas 6 and bake for 20 mins until golden and crisp.