#JustLoveinJuly – Brindley Court Carehome Open Day

#JustLoveinJuly – 6TR’s little way of thanking the community for everything that they do.

When we think of a carehome, we collectively imagine a quiet and somewhat dreary place filled with nurses and sick people. Especially with all the news articles of mistreated patients, we often tend to avoid carehomes.

The Brindley Court Carehome is a local carehome in Station Street, Longport. 6TR were invited along to their open day and we arrived into a completely different world of care – full of art, hope, happiness and attentiveness from staff and residents. They pride themselves on being a different kind of carehome and they achieve it beautifully – the atmosphere is so relaxed and positive. Residents are treated for who they are, not their illness or age, and the bottom line is – it doesn’t feel like a carehome.

From walking into the reception, the whole room is bright and airy with a small canvas and paint set up for visitors to paint whatever they wanted. Many illustrations were centered around having pride that the artist(s) are connected to the home. Outside, residents are relaxing in the sun-filled garden or the communal room – sat together contently, listening to the musical entertainment. The home has many different activities planned monthly, from birthday feasts to keep fit workshops for the residents. Trips are also conducted, so the residents never feel confined to the home.

For the open day, the home ran a competition between residents, relatives and staff for art and talent. One resident wrote a lot of poetry which won my heart. Every submission was beautiful and creative.

Brindley Court offers true care to everyone, with a lighthearted and relaxed atmosphere teamed with positive and warm staff. They are truly a part of the community that filled with me great pride to see.

Below is a small video of moments filmed on the Open Day: