Design Solutions For A Functional Mobility Bathroom

Design Solutions For A Functional Mobility Bathroom

It can be challenging to design a mobility bathroom as there are several functions that need to be considered in the design plan. However, with a few simple, yet effective tips, planning does not have to be a challenging task. With these effective design solutions, your mobility bathroom will be a functional and luxurious room at the same time. 

Select Accessible Fittings And Fixtures

Before you deciding where each item should be fitted, it is best to choose out each necessary fitting and fixture. While considering which items to opt for, selecting a suitable range of items may prove to be the most simple method in comparison to individually matching items together. In order to select a range, you will need to purchase all the needed items from the same retailer. It can be challenging to purchase items from different retailers and later find that they do not compliment one another. Mobility bathrooms by AHM Installations provide various ranges that offer varying functions and visual appeals. Once you have selected a range you will be able to establish other aspects of the design.

Include Added Functional Items

Mobility bathrooms require additional items that regular bathrooms do not and you will need to take various aspects into account in order to include needed items that will improve the functionality for the user. If you have opted for a walk-in bathtub, added items such as grab bars and a bathtub folding seat may be necessary. You may need to place a few grab bars at specific places where they will be needed to encourage self-care for the user. Other items such as a reachable medicine cabinet and drawers should also be considered. When selecting these items, establish each need of the user considering the individuals specific condition and physical abilities. All fittings and fixtures will need to be installed at a suitable height to allow reachability for the user.

Remove Architectural Barriers From The Design Plan

It is best to create a plan that is completely free of architectural barriers that can be a safety risk. In order to do this, you will need to select fittings that are basic. This aspect will enhance the floor space, which is crucial for a mobility bathroom. 

Personal Preference Is Important

While creating your mobility bathroom design plan you will need to take care to ensure that the personal preferences of the user are all met. Establishing personal preferences will be vital for selecting a suitable range of fixtures and fittings that allow ideal comfort for the user. The user may feel a walk-in bathtub is more suitable in comparison to a walk-in shower. You can also add extra features that will enhance comfort, such as a radio that is suitable for a bathroom that would provide entertainment and encourage relaxation for the user. Designing a mobility bathroom may require the consideration of several aspects, although, the result will be extremely beneficial for the user, which should not a relevant compromise.