Marty & Olivia Willson-Piper – Live Music Review and Interview

Photo: Brian Hutton

Wednesday, 20th March 2019. The Foxlowe, Leek is buzzing with anticipation in the bar area, until someone signals to come into the concert room. The scene is stunning; a full room of a seated audience accompanied by tealights on the tables and a few drinks on the go. The lights dim. The show begins.

Witty brilliance shines through with comments on life and society, paired with beautiful mesmerising acoustic goodness and deadpan jest delivered wonderfully. Marty Willson-Piper has the audience eating out of his palm, with his relaxed nature and his ‘inside secret stories’ on his world of music and a career in the industry spanning out decades. Olivia’s rare one liners of humour edged with awkward honesty make for beautiful team work in capturing the audience.
The audience is chatting with them, shouting out answers to Marty’s questions. It’s as if he’s having a private conversation with the whole audience, making the music that they both play even more enthralling. We’re all hanging on every word, every note.

Marty-Willson Piper and Olivia Willson-Piper are a couple where music fills their blood and lifts their spirits, making you feel every word and emotion as they play. The music is phenomenal – real and raw – and talent oozes from the sound of their performance. The whole show is a journey and it’s difficult to drag yourself away. The music is flawless – the arrangements match the atmosphere of the show perfectly; the lyrics are clever, true and timeless and the overall sound is out of this world. It’s a gig not to be missed.

Marty Willson-Piper is an English guitarist and singer best known as a long-time member of Australian psychedelic rock band The Church. He joined English goth rock band All About Eve in the 90s and is currently working with Swedish Proggers Anekdoten.
Currently, he is on tour with his wife as an acoustic duo act providing original songs accompanied by a twelve string guitar and violin.

You can follow him on Spotify and Facebook: Marty Willson-Piper for the latest updates.

Below is an interview, featuring music, with Marty himself. Click the play button to listen.
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