Weekly Gig Guide: 18th Feb – 24th Feb ‘19

Tuesday 19th:

Gillespie Blues Band – The Glebe, Stoke

Wednesday 20th:

The Barflys – The Freebird

Friday 22nd

Acoustic Anarchy – The New Finney Gardens

Blair Dunlop Show / Hope in High Water – Bulls Head, Alton

Chris Rawlinson – The Barrel, Tunstall

Fielding Talks – Society Bar, Leek

Foo Fighters GB – Eleven, Sandyford

KMK – Ashwood, Longton

PULS – Winking Man Pub

The Vanz – Top Pub, Brown Edge

Saturday 23rd:

Sarcoline / Liimo / The Intervention – Sugarmill, Hanley

Diamonds and Ducks – Black Horse, Endon

Fat Lip – Brown Jug, Newcastle Under Lyme

G & I Electro Acoustic Duo – Cheshire Cheese, Hanley

Grumpy Mules – The Cuckoo

Infamy – Roebuck, Burslem

Mainly Madness – Eleven, Sandyford

Seriously 80s – Ashford, Longton

Synner – Old Star, Uttoxeter

The Scoundrels – The Railway, Nantwich

The Vanz – Roebuck, Forsbrook

Transmission: The Sound of Joy Division / The Clays / The Indoor Kites – The Exchange, Hanley

Vicky – John Marston Longton

Sunday 24th:

Dirty Vinny – Leopard, Burslem

GoodFellas – Artisan Tao, Hartshill

Resurrected – Ye Olde Crown, Burslem

Thank you to Dave Poole and ‘Keep alive Music Alive in Stoke-On-Trent’ Facebook group.