Local Music: Rockabilly band ‘Ignition’ make Stray Cats history!

Remember that Stray Cat Strut song from back in the 80’s? Ring a bell?
Back in the 80’s, rockabilly music became more mainstream thanks to The Stray Cats. This year is their 40th Anniversary and local Staffordshire band ‘Ignition’ recorded a track with Jordan Pemberton at JLM Studios in the mothertown of Stoke-on-Trent – Burslem. The track is labelled ‘The Cats are Back’ and is an ode to The Stray Cats, which are one of Ignition’s biggest influences and inspirations.
The music video was created by one of our 6TR volunteers, Liv-Tyde, and was filmed in Burslem. It went live on the 28th January this year. In less than a couple of weeks, the track racked up over 20K views and gained attention from The Stray Cats themselves!
The video was shared by the official verified Stray Cats facebook page, and Brian Setzer’s (of The Stray Cats) verified Facebook page.
A fantastic achievement for our local talent – congratulations to Ignition and everyone involved!
You can check out their latest single here and check out their facebook page for their latest updates.