Book Not Buck – Out Now!

Lover of all things Staffordshire, Terry Bossons has compiled a brand new book to showcase some of the great things we have here (and have lost).

With pictures, lists and anecdotes from the people who were there, this is the perfect companion for anyone local to peruse. Plus it’s great for those who have moved away from the area and want to show others how things are around here.

Terry has roped to some great names (including a few household names) to help with the project and Illustrator of The Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’, Malcolm Draper was on board again to design the cover art.

Terry said:

“We have so much history in this area and loads of great things still happening which is brilliant. This book highlights the great entertainment scene and industry we have lost and lists things that we should still cherish.”

The book is priced at £6.99, from Monday 19th November 2018.

Available online via eBay and Waterstones. Plus you can grab it in person from Charms and Chains in Hanley and Crafty Magick in Tunstall Market.

Only £6.99