Review | Benidorm Live!

We’ve had the pleasure of having hit sit-com Benidorm on our television screens for over a decade and now we have the honour of welcoming the star studded cast to the Regent Theatre in Benidorm LIVE!

Benidorm LIVE, which is written by Derren Litten (who also wrote the TV Series), brings the infamous Solana hotel to theatres around the UK and continues where the series 10 finale left off – the story is extremely strong and amazingly written and allows new comers to Benidorm world to follow the story and characters without feeling like they needed to have watched all 10 series before setting off to the theatre.

As a Benidorm fan it is easy to get worried about the switch from screen to stage,  but the sense of humour, one liners and innuendo which made the show the hit that it is, are still there in abundance and I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard at a show for a very long time.

The stage show boasts a huge amount of the regular Actors and characters from

the TV series, Jake Canuso as Mateo, Janine Duvitski as Jacqueline, Adam Gillen as Liam, Sherrie Hewson as Joyce Temple-Savage, Shelley Longworth as Sam and Tony Maudsley as Kenneth, and they arrive on stage to rapturous applause from the audience and rightly so, every single one of them is incredible in this show and the comedy timing from all is amazing to watch.

The story follows the imminent takeover of the Solana with the staff also getting the news that there is a hotel inspector amongst the guests, this allows for each character to take their own individual journey through the show without getting lost, we are also introduced to two new characters, Ben (Bradley Clarkson) and Sophie (Tricia Adele-Turner) who get put in the Solana as a temporary measure following a mixup with a luxurious hotel. We are also finally introduced to Jacqueline’s long-time, Derek (Damian Williams) who is referenced in the TV Series. Asa Elliot also joins them onstage as the resident entertainer at the “World Famous” Neptune’s Club.

The set, which was designed by Mark Walters, is an incredible piece of art work and an ingenious way to transport us through different areas of the Solana with ease.

The show is showing at the Regent Theatre until Saturday 29th September 2018 and you can get your tickets by going to