Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 2nd September 2018

On every Sunday night at 6pm to 9pm uk time zone exploring the Mod genre from the sixties to the mod revival and also today’s mod sounds. with DJ Alan May. AKA Glory Boy

Track List
the chords now its gone
the chords don’t look back
the chords british way of life
the chords its no use
pope dedicated follower of fashion
pope home sweet home
pope life less ordinary
chris pope Tke on life
chris pope I Cant let go
chris pope and the chords uk man on the northern line
chris pope and the chords uk nowhere land
chris pope and the chords uk these bad times
chris pope and the chords uk the most important man
chris pope and the chords uk 21st century blues
secret affair new dance
secret affair sound of confusion
secret affair don’t look down
secret affair do you know
nine below zero pack fair and square
the shades long tall sally
dr feelgood she does it right
the inmates midnight to six man
the box dwellers sounds
the quik beats sorry
the offbeats rhythm and blues
cedra gabriel mississippi blues train
mojo blues band harmonica boogie
les witackers hello josephine
human beinz nobody but me
the act one heart
the measles kicks
the squires going all the way
manfred mann pretty flamingo
manfred mann 5 4 3 2 1
small faces watcha gonna do about it
the yardbirds shapes of things
the creation sweet helen
the who substitute
the VIPS stuttgart special
MI5 televison screen heroes
the boss one good reason
the truth confusion
the q tios s y s l j f m – the letter song
dee walker jump back
the co stars kiss and make up
the vinylos blow up
the vinylos pretty green
chords uk hipsters of london