Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 5th August 2018

Track List

killermeters 3 minute warning
the touch if you gotta go
purple hearts cant stay here
the chords so far away
lambrettas page 3
airfix kits u s a
starangeways all the sounds of fear
merton parkas put me in the picture
the scene hey girl
the combine dreams come true
the boss wake up children
dc10 isabella
direct hits english girls
eurovox victoria
smart patrol far away
48ks falling down
fashionism breaking out
the revs just ask why
len price 3 childish room
the jam little boy soldiers
the jam wasteland
dolly mixture everything and more
the who who are you
chords uk man on the northern line
chords uk hipsters of london
stephens ruin jeannine
stephens ruin whay you gonna do
the theme first time I saw you
the theme always the same
the who the ox
the credits gods invisible scooter
the lemontops listen to me
the cedars I don’t know why
dogtooth crash and burn
disguise hey baby
chinnian do I know you
thee jenerators checkin out
thee jenerators gotta move on
the feb 21s billy no mates
yellowstone sport billy
dress code alcoholic
les fleur de lys circles
the who circles instant party
billy butler the right track
billy ocean red light spells danger
billy reston billys bag
squire eight miles high