Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 29th July 2018

Weekly radio show . On every Sunday night at 6pm to 9pm uk time zone exploring the Mod genre from the sixties to the mod revival and also today’s mod sounds. with DJ Alan May. AKA Glory Boy

Track list
len price 3 shes not really there
len price 3 stop start lilly
len price 3 rentacrowd
the revs start ot up
lambrettas cortina mk11
parade club and country
chardon square 65 film show
secret affair I could be you
first steps beat is back
cuban heels smoke walk
dying breed I was just a small boy
the time sellers nothings what it seems
box dwellers im off to see mohammed
purple hearts jimmy
the circles angry voices
squire get ready to go
squire we are the numbers
merton parkas when will it be
the chords maybe tomorrow
the jam in the street today
purple hearts frustration
lambrettas go steady
speedball please don’t stare
teenbeats if im gone tomorrow
small hours cant do without you
yeh yeh north and south divide
yeh yeh what the papers say
yeh yeh we should be careful
yeh yeh creepin jean
yeh yeh demolitian ball
king mojo like you always do
the deep six its happening
the lemontops shes the one for you
springtide cavalry weekender
small world purple
the 48ks it cant be me
the moons don’t go changin
mainline move me
proper stalemate
prisoners come to the mushroom
fallen leaves the international brigade
raf modern world
solid state train to london town
the something wold trippin out
the something wold shes kinda weird
the troggs wild thing
dexters start to run
the vinylos I know a girl
grey skys our love
friends of luca brasi fell apart
the who my generation