WWE WrestleMania 34: Previews And Predictions

It’s finally that time of year, WrestleMania 34 takes over the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans tonight and boasts what could be a worthy card for the biggest event of the year.

The last few months have brought together a 13 match card, with John Cena’s match with The Undertaker still not officially confirmed for the show, which has left many fans wondering whether or not the match will go ahead or if The Undertaker will appear at all.

This is the biggest show in every wrestling fans calendar and it seems that this months panel will do it justice, this includes Conair Bibby, Jake Thorley-Cole, Andy Arthurs, Chris Rossington, Andrew Parker, Vickie Hopwood, Jake Waring and Phillipa Hopwood.

Kick off Show:

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal

Phillipa – Lars Sullivan

Conair, Vickie – Dolph Ziggler

Jake – Curt Hawkins

Andy – Matt Hardy/Pete Dunne

Thoughts by Conair – I love this match. Maybe just for the multi-man tag matches, we get on the go-home episodes of TV. The imaginary “boost” that the winner gets has been heralded as this sacred prize again this year; something for the superstars to strive for and hold on too….for about a month and a half. At least Mojo bought the trophy out with him until June last year. I bet it’s a nice conversation piece at lunch. There’s not a whole lot to say about this. It’s a battle royal. Battle royals are fun. I want the Revival to win. They won’t, but I can hope. I have Dolph for this match.

WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal

Phillipa, Jake, Andy – Becky Lynch

Vickie – Sasha 

Thoughts by Jake – WWE has been pushing The Women’s Revolution for a while now. For example, the women have been part of some historic matches at Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, Elimination Chamber and The Royal Rumble over the past few months but finally, the women are given their match at WrestleMania. WWE announced a Women’s Battle Royal which is probably one of the most unpredictable matches on the card for this year’s show, personally, I believe that Becky Lynch is the one to win the historic match. This is mainly because I believe that WWE is ready to push Becky after the promo she delivered after Money In The Bank last year.

Mustafa Ali Vs. Cedric Alexander – Cruiserweight Championship Final

Phillipa, Emellio, Vickie, Andy – Cedric Alexander

Jake – Mustafa Ali

Thoughts by Conair – This is the match I’m most looking forward too. I’m so happy that 205 Live is gaining traction recently. The inclusion of Drake Maverick and the Cruiserweight Classic 2: Electric Boogaloo has worked wonders. In an alternate universe, this is Enzo Amore vs Kalisto, so the circumstances have definitely worked in favor of the fans. Cedric and Mustafa was a predictable, but perfect end to this tournament. No match failed to deliver and arguably two of the best Cruiserweights (sorry Drew Gulak) are about to have their Wrestlemania moment. Yes, it’s on the Kickoff, but what a fantastic way to warm up the crowd for the 7+ hours of action this Sunday night. I have Cedric to win here. I love Mustafa and wish it would be him, but this is a long time coming for Alexander. Yay 205!

Main Show

Randy Orton Vs. Bobby Roode Vs. Jinder Mahal Vs. Rusev – Fatal Four-way for the United States Championship

Phillipa, Jake, Andy – Rusev

Vickie – Randy Orton 

Conair – Jinder

Thoughts by Conair – MAHARAJA. I’m really excited for this match. Outside of the saga between KO, Zayn, and the Smackdown authority figures, the feud between Roode, Mahal, and Orton has been my favorite thing about Smackdown recently. Throw RUSEV DAY into the equation and this is about to be a very hot Wrestlemania opener (hopefully) Forgetting all about the Smackdown Top 10 (ugh) this has been a simple “I’m better than you” feud executed perfectly with Jinder Mahal thrown in as an instigator. The inclusion of Rusev was sudden, but I’m definitely not going to complain now that Aiden English has the opportunity to sing on the Grandest Stage Of Them All™ I’d like Jinder Mahal to pull out the victory here. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt like every championship could change hands, and I feel like Jinder Mahal is a good choice for that role at Wrestlemania.


The Miz Vs. Finn Balor Vs. Seth Rollins – Triple Threat Match For The Intercontinental Championship

Phillipa – Seth Rollins 

Emellio, Jake, Vickie – Finn Balor

Andy – The Miz

Thoughts by Phillipa – The Miz defends his Intercontinental Championship against Finn Balor and Seth Rollins in one of the most unpredictable matches of the night since Miz is only 20 days away from becoming the longest reigning Champion in history and Rollins is only the Intercontinental Championship away from becoming a Grand Slam Champion. Balor is the wildcard in this entire match, but someone who hasn’t won a title since 2016 as well, so it seems that he’s hungry for gold. I obviously want Rollins to win this one and finally be on the same level as his Shield brothers as a Grand Slam Champion, but it seems that it could be between Balor and Rollins in the end, with Miz now expected to take time away to look after his newborn daughter Monroe.


The Usos Vs. The New Day Vs. The Bludgeon Brothers – Triple Threat Match For The SmackDown Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Jake, Vickie – Bludgeon Brothers 

Emellio, Andy – The Usos 

Thoughts by Andy – I won’t lie… I actually forgot this match was happening. Team Big Lads vs Cosplayers vs Cool Roman Twins.
Don’t sleep on this though, with the past matches of New Day and Usos, thrown in with the power and unpredictable nature of the Bludgeon Brothers, This could easily be a sleeper hit. In a stacked card, a possible show stealer is brewing here.
As for the winner? It’s as predictable as throwing a dart in pitch black. No giveaways or hints…
But if I had to choose? Usos will get a 2-4-1 in the Uso Penitentiary


Cesaro And Sheamus Vs. Braun Strowman and TBD – Raw Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Emellio, Jake, Vickie, Andy – Braun Strowman

Thoughts by Emellio – As fun as it is to watch Shamus and Cesaro trying to get their four left feet into some form of synchronization during their entrance. I am 100% behind Strowman when it comes to winning the tag titles. Unfortunately for Braun, he has an unknown partner, for all we know he could be stuck with Curt Hawkins. My dream partner would be Hornswoggle, and I don’t think I need to expand on that other than it would make my life that little bit better. Either way, partner or not The Bar is going to have one huge fight on their hands. The only kind of bet I want to take for this match is who’s going to break first?

Shane McMahon And Daniel Bryan Vs. Kevin Owens And Sami Zayn

Phillipa, Jake, Vickie – Daniel and Shane

Andy – Sami and Kevin

Thoughts by Conair – This is crazy. Daniel Bryan is going to wrestle a match tomorrow. Sami Zayn has a marquee match at Wrestlemania. Crazy. This is such a nice story. Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn have played fantastic foils to the authority of Smackdown Live since October and it’s all come to ahead on Sunday. Admittedly, it’s been hard at times to really see who is good and bad in this situation, but the lines have been drawn in the past few weeks. Even going as far as having Zayn and Owens “invade” live events in the build-up to this match. Of course, the big selling point here is the return of Daniel Bryan. Returning to the building he won the WWE Championship in just over two years after being forced to retire due to concussions. It was clear during his promo the Tuesday that his return was announced on Smackdown Live that this means a lot to him. It’s a perfect end to his three-year injury saga. My prediction for this has changed about 17 times in the past week, but I’m going for Owens and Zayn. There’s no way that the dissension between the two authority figures doesn’t come to a head at Wrestlemania. It’s just a case of who turns on who.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Nia Jax – Raw Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Emellio, Jake, Andy, Vickie – Nia Jax 

Thoughts by Emellio – From time to time in WWE there are certain matches that have been building up for a while, leaving us week after week, thinking is this match will ever happen. Then, bam! It’s finally here… Since Nia debuted and began her alliance with Alexa, this has become the only match I’ve cared about. There is no possible way that anyone calling this match, is 100% certain of what may or may not happen. If we say Alexa Bliss wins the match, not only will she need to target a specific part of the body but also, concentrate on that body part. Her size in comparisons Nia’s is an instant downfall, but if we look at this theoretically Bliss should be able to use Nia’s own body weight and size against her, providing she’s able to keep Jax lower to the ground to reduce her overall attack and means of defense. On the other hand, there’s Nia’s dominate physic, able to bend, break and obliterate anyone standing in her way. Previously it has taken more than two people to at least take Nia out long enough to secure a win, but Bliss doesn’t have the luxury having another rival to help pick off Nia. For their match overall I think Bliss will try to appeal to Nia and hope there’s some kind of friendship there, so she can catch Nia off guard and secure the victory. I’m really hoping Nia has her Wrestlemania moment and wins the title, but as hopeful, as I am it still looks like Bliss will retain.


Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle Vs. Stephanie McMahon and Triple H

Phillipa, Jake, Andy, Vickie, Andrew – Ronda and Angle 

Thoughts by Andrew – Anyone else really excited that for Rowdy Ronda Rousey’s first opponent in WWE, the person with which she’ll showcase her talents and skills as a professional wrestler, is the most-definitely-not-a-wrestler, Stephanie McMahon? Just me? See, I can’t imagine someone better to help make Rousey become a professional wrestler than someone who has less experience in the ring than Dana Brooke. I also can’t imagine a more sarcastic opening to a prediction than that above. I mean, seriously? Ronda Freaking Rousey and you put her with someone who is the very opposite of ring general? You have one of the best woman’s divisions that the company has ever seen, full of people who can share amazing wisdom about how to put together a ‘Mania-worthy match, and you choose to go with Stephanie McMahon? I just can’t understand it. Rousey and Angle win this, but damn, there are so many better things they could have done with Rousey and Wrestlemania.


Charlotte Vs. Asuka – SmackDown Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Emellio, Jake, Vickie, Andy – Asuka

Thoughts by Jake W – Charlotte does well. Asuka does well. Charlotte nearly wins… Asuka nearly wins. Charlotte nearly wins. Asuka nearly wins. Charlotte nearly wins. Asuka nearly wins. Charlotte nearly wins. Askuka wins. Carmella cashes in. Asuka wins. Women inherit the earth.

AJ Styles Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura – WWE Championship

Phillipa, Chris – Shinsuke Nakamura 

Jake, Andy, Vickie – AJ Styles

Thoughts by Chris – This all started back in New Japan Pro Wrestling and has been tipped for a WrestleMania main event ever since both superstars were signed to WWE. Styles has been on top form since his debut in The Royal Rumble back in 2016 and Nakamura’s signing for NXT, now The King Of Strong Style meets The Phenomenal One for the WWE Championship. This for me should be the co-main event due to the crowd’s anticipation towards this stellar contest. My only issue is that WWE have watered down the in-ring style of Nakamura and his strong style has now been changed whereas Styles has been putting in the performances of his life since he debuted for the WWE two years ago. If WWE takes the restraints off Nakamura the this could become one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time. Styles doesn’t need to retain for me as he could be a main player in the upcoming shakeup between Raw and Smackdown. Putting Nakamura as the Champion will bring a lot more eyes to the product, so let’s hope we get the match we’ve been waiting for and Nakamura walks out of this year’s WrestleMania as the new WWE Champion.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Roman Reigns – Universal Championship

Phillipa, Andrew, Emellio, Jake, Vickie, Andy – Roman Reigns 

Thoughts by Andrew – What a card we have this year at Wrestlemania! Rusev is fighting for the US Championship, The Authority has a showdown with Rowdy Ronda Rousey, Daniel Bryan is back from injury, The Undertaker is looking likely to show up after weeks of non-appearances and we have a main event of BROOOOOOOCK LESSSSSSSSSSNAR against The Big Dog™ Roman Reigns! Welcome to Wrestlemania 31! You’ll forgive me for getting confused, as the similarities between this Sunday’s Wrestlemania and that of three years ago are fairly numerous. The most striking of which is, undoubtedly, the main event clash of Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, and challenger Roman Reigns. This year marks Roman’s fourth Wrestlemania main event in a row, a statistic that only goes to prove just how much WWE wants us to adore Mr. Dog. With that in mind, it’s hard to bet against Roman in this clash. If their match three years ago was anything to go by, then it will be an amazing match, but damn…it’s so darn predictable.


John Cena Vs. The Undertaker

Phillipa, Chris, Emellio, Vickie – The Undertaker 

Thoughts by Chris -In one of the most anticipated matches at WrestleMania this year,  we see The Deadman return one whole year after most fans speculated that he’d retired following his defeat to Roman Reigns. Standing across the ring from The Undertaker will be the man who has been the face of the company for well over a decade, John Cena. This match pits two of the WWE’s greatest stars, the big question is which Deadman will show up?? Could it be the American Badass or will it be The Deadman from Death Valley? Many fans believe that the timing of Kid Rock going into The Hall of Fame could be a sign of the American Badass returning to the ring. Another point I can think of was that The Undertaker retired The Undertaker gimmick when he left his attire in the ring last year. If you notice after last year’s WrestleMania he stood on the ramp with his right arm raised, this is a signal he used as the American Badass. Cena will be on his A-game as this is the match most fans want to see at WrestleMania but I’m going to go with an Undertaker win since Cena doesn’t need this victory and it would be a shame for The Undertaker to lose in two consecutive WrestleMania’s.