Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Not Getting Single Player Campaign?

Latest reports suggest that Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will not have a traditional single-player campaign, which is a first in the franchise’s 15-year history.

So it seems that the next instalment of the mega FPS franchise, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, is not getting a standard single-player campaign. To many, this isn’t a major issue as the majority of fans head straight for the online multiplayer and commence insulting player’s mums.

According to sources close to the website, Polygon, the game will focus on the said multiplayer and highly popular zombies mode.

The reason behind this decision is that the development team at Treyarch would not be able to complete the campaign by the release date so decided to focus on the other two modes.

A sign of things to come?

For a long time now, the Call of Duty (COD) games are widely recognised for their online multiplayer offerings and the single player takes a back seat (except when the campaign of Advanced Warfare had Kevin Spacey as the main villain, but it’s best we forget that one), so in some ways this news has caused no real shock.

However, knowing that the traditional campaign wasn’t a main focus for the developers, it begs the question whether the mode is slowly going the way of the PlayStation Vita.

Multiplayer is king

In a sea of many other FPS titles, COD multiplayer is one of the most addictive and continues to be the highlight in many gaming tournaments. The latest entry, Call of Duty World War Two, surpassed 10 million units sold since its release in November 2017.

The online play was my immediate go-to mode. Even though the campaign did have some good characters, it just didn’t grab my attention, so I immediately gravitated towards the PVP gameplay.

Also, in a world where people are swiping their way through Tinder and posting their latest bowel movement on Instagram, some don’t have time to sit there and invest in characters or story. They just want bang bang shooty bad person…I WIN!

Will we miss the campaign?

The question is, will anyone care or even notice the lack of a single player campaign? Zombies and online continue to get additional content throughout the year so everyone will be anticipating those instead.

It will be strange at first to enter the menu screen and it not have an option for that mode, but with COD it’ll just pass because we all know there are games out there where single player stories are what they stand for.

Just look at FarCry 5, the soon to be released God of War, Red Dead Redemption and The Last of Us 2. All of these cater towards the gamer who wants to take their time and immerse themselves in a beautifully constructed world.

No matter what happens, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 will make ridiculous amounts of money and continue to enrage 12-year-old wannabe gangsters with their loud rap music playing over the headset.