Curtain Call reviews “Tango Moderno” with Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace

Curtain Call with Becs and Rob sent their roving reporter the wonderful Nat Orry to review a very interesting press night invitation entitled “Tango Moderno” on Friday evening. Not knowing what to expect, but always excited to experience new theatrical productions, Nat made her way, strictly enthralled to the Regent Theatre in Hanley.

The principals of “Tango Moderno” are Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace, of Strictly Come Dancing fame and they did not disappoint. Vincent and Flavia strictly danced into the hearts of the whole audience.

The highlights for Nat were definitely the tango finale, the contemporary dance routines performed to Sam Smith’s “Lay me down” and Lucas Grahams’ 7 Years”. All of these routines were emotionally performed and mesmerising in every way.

The set showed two stories in one, the set showed through a window of an apartment where the story unfolded on the street below. The vocals from Tom Parsons and Rebecca Lisewski were spot on and Oliver Lewis on the violin performed with real magnificence.

It was totally unexpected and strictly out of this world. Nat was left speechless by the whole experience, the music, the dancing, the atmosphere, everything was just out of this world.

The standing ovation was completely deserved and showcased the spectacular goose bump provoking and spine tingling performance. It was a very well directed and choreographed performance that she would definitely watch again.

Gold star, top marks from Nat and from all at Curtain Call, 6 Towns Radio.