Staffordshire Police – Report Business Crime Online And Save On Time

In the latest step in the journey to embrace the digital age and modernise and adapt to the changing needs of the public, businesses across the county can now report crime online.

It’s faster, more efficient and best of all, user friendly!

This new service gives Staffordshire businesses the additional option to report drive-aways without paying and shoplifting via online forms on our website.

Reporting crime online means the victim no longer needs to call 101 and in turn it helps us provide a faster and more efficient investigation.

Lisa Cope, head of contact services, said: “We’re working hard to transform our services for the future and where possible make life easier for the public we serve. All crime can still be reported via 101, but we hope this new online option for business owners makes us more accessible and responsive.”

Resolution Centre Inspector Mark Barlow added: “We will still of course be led by the victim and are keen to listen and respond to feedback so that we can provide a more forward-thinking service.”

Victims reporting crime online will be provided with a desk-based investigation, with a police officer sourcing statements over the telephone and evidence such as CCTV being uploaded directly onto our IT system.

This new approach has already seen a much faster response to crime reports and is saving response officers’ time, as they are now only required at the point of arrest.

To report a business crime online, please visit :

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Story and image via Staffordshire Police