What Were The Big Home Design Hits Of 2017?

What were the big home design hits of 2017?

As we’re approaching the end of the year, it’s time to have a look back over some of the most popular interior design ideas so that we can snap up some of the best offers from retailers in the New Year sales.



Whilst there was plenty of debate about what the colour of 2017 would be, it seems that the stately hues of grey managed to be the biggest hit in the world of decor. Despite strong challenges from Pantone’s Greenery, and the youthful burst of Millennial Pink, it looks like various shades of grey have given us a failsafe way to add a touch of calming grandeur to our interiors.

Not that 2017 was all about keeping things muted. We saw how various surprising trends like tropical patterns and ‘ethnic’ textures managed to add a touch of warmth into our homes.

From the craze for Moroccan terracotta, to the surprising popularity of macrame plant hangers, it seems as though many of our homes enjoyed a touch of bohemian charm throughout 2017.



But there were plenty of more modernist trends to keep us up to date too. The brutalist aesthetic was in full force throughout the year with filament bulbs appearing on our bedside tables, and the distressed wood and bare brick walls finding their way into many living rooms.

Whilst this look is synonymous with various artisan coffee shops and urban lifestyles, it’s quickly caught on in the interior world and can help even the most humble terraced house get the stylish look of the most sophisticated Manhattan loft.

Regardless of whether you were embracing modernism or keeping things boho-friendly, it seems that most retailers were willing to cater to these trends in evermore attentive ways.

From furniture retailers like Bedstar offering us a cost-effective way to mix and match current aesthetics through their special offers on beds, to clothing brands like H&M finding great success in helping us get that Scandinavian look with their new homeware section, it seems that businesses and consumers are getting evermore aware of contemporary design trends.

And whether you were updating your bedroom, or transforming your kitchen, it’s clear that keeping everything stripped back to a minimal chic was key to the success of any design idea.

So whilst there will always be plenty of need for simple pleasures like discount mattresses and clean white walls, it seems that 2017 brought us many eye-opening interior designs to transform our homes with.