Top 10 Worst Films Of All Time.

With The Disaster Artist being released very soon the cult film The Room is back in the public’s consciousness, for all the wrong reasons though. The Room is renowned as the ‘Citizen Kane of bad movies’ by critics and ‘fans’ of the film. This made me think however, What is the Worst Film of all Time? For this list its not all about how dull a film retrospectively is, because sometimes a film is bad for different reasons. Unfulfilled promise, a bad script, bad acting and a plot with more holes then a Mind-Field. All these are taken into account as we announce ‘The Top 10 Worst Movies ever made’, and yes we are aware that the title is oxymoronic.


10. Caligula
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With the likes of Malcolm McDowell, Helen Mirren and Sir John Gielgud on board as well as a huge budget, Caligula should really have worked. However the fact that is was financed by Penthouse meant that the films selling point was not just the actors, but nudity! Caligula’s reputation has suffered due to its reputation as perhaps ‘The Most Expensive Pornographic movie ever made’. It’s incredibly uncomfortable for this alone.


9. Jaws: The Revenge
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What do you get when 3 Sharks gets killed by The Brody Family? You get a shark hunting after said family. Yes, That is indeed the plot of the 4th and last edition of the Jaws franchise. The film was scathingly reviewed by everybody and destroyed the franchise and the reputation of the people who made it, apart from Michael Caine who got a nice holiday out of it apparently.


8. Batman & Robin
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Perhaps the greatest disappointment of the list, more so than Caligula. Batman and Robin is perhaps the biggest franchise killer in the history of film. Starring George Clooney as the Caped Crusader and Chris O’Donnell as Robin, its a film that tries too much to bring back the ‘Camp’ and ‘Zaap’ of the 60s Tv Show to an audience that had grown used to a darker side of the superhero. And don’t get us started on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s use of wordplay.


7. Baby Geniuses 2
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How can a film so bad get a sequel? And worse how can it actually be worse? That is the flack that Baby Geniuses 2 suffered in 2004. Starring Angelina Jolie’s dad Jon Voight is the worst role of his career(that’s saying alot) The plot is basically what it says in the title, which is enough to disregard this film being even watching the first few seconds of it.


6. North
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Rob Reiner by 1994 was described as one of Hollywood’s most acclaimed and respected directors, directing the likes of Spinal Tap, Stand By Me and Misery, showcasing his versatility. However North was the film that brought his reputation of a firm halt. Starring a young Elijah Wood as the titular character and Bruce Willis as a ‘Jiminy Cricket’ of sorts, its story revolved around a young boy who decides to go around the world searching for the ideal parents with the help of Willis. Great Cast, Awful Film!


5. The Exorcist II: The Heretic
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What is it about sequels? Surely after a film so revolutionary and scary its best just to leave it be? Well you tell that to the makers of The Exorcist who decided to destroy everything the first film stood for and make perhaps the un-scariest horror movie of the era. Starring Linda Blair 4 years after the events of the first film, its reputation is summed up best by critic Mark Kermode who described this as the worst film of all time after labelling the original the greatest! Nothing sums this movie up more.


4. Jack and Jill
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Any Adam Sadler film post 2000 is worthy of making the list, however to have Al Pacino’s reputation is borderline scandalous. Jack and Jill stars Sadler as both characters as he attempts to do his best impression of a decent female actress as well as trying hard not to be an awful actor at the same time. However the biggest disappointment to the film is Pacino who despite playing himself gives his worst performance in his established career, How is That Possible?


3. The Room
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How can we not do a list influenced by The Room by not mentioning the film itself. The Room is a poorly written drama that combines Soap Opera elements with Ed Wood style amateurism. Brainchild Tommy Wiseau wrote, funded, directed and starred in the awfully executed drama that despite its obvious flaws has gained a cult following. Its perhaps the greatest worst film of the 21st century.


2. Plan 9 From Out Of Space
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Regarded as The Worst Movie of all Time. Plan 9 From Out Of Space is Ed Wood’s ironic masterpiece that combines a Murder Mystery with Horror and Sci-Fi. But just because you can combine 3 ingredients and put it in a film shaped blender doesn’t mean its going to taste good. Its nonsensical script and awful props as well as the shocking acting make it an experience to remember, for all the wrong reasons.


Honourable Mentions:
Troll 2
Refer Madness
Epic Movie


1. Manos: The Hands Of Fate
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What do you get when you get the amateurish quality of the previous two films and combine them with a plot that offers nothing, You get Manos! Despite the previous 2 films obviously awful traits they’re reputation has been redeemed, largely due to a cult following that see the film as a modern day equivalent of a Village idiot being goaded by bored and blood hungry onlookers. Manos however is a film so bad its hard to find anything remotely entertaining about it. Its cult status is largely due to its appearance on the show MST3K, an episode which even has its stars apologizing for its blandness, a first for the show.