Staying Safe This Winter

With the dangerous icy weather settling in this December, staying safe is a main priority for members of the public of all ages. At 6T, we’ve compiled some rules and tips on how to stay safe during the snow and ice this winter.

Firstly, dressing warm seems the most obvious thing to do, but always make sure to wear three layers. The first layer should be made out of lycra or wool, as this will absorb sweat and keep you warm and dry. Sweat will make your body damp, which attracts the cold and gives you a higher chance of catching a lovely cold or infection – no-one wants to be ill for Christmas. The other layers will keep you warm too, and should be waterproof to shield you from any potential storms.

Secondly, stay in touch with everyone! If you’re leaving to meet up with friends, message them when you’re on your way so they know you’re out in the bad weather. Make sure your phone is charged too, or keep a power bank with you so you can always get into contact with someone if you encounter any problems.

If you need any medications, always make sure you keep them with you in case you’re outside for longer than you anticipated. Also, give yourself an extra hour of time when making plans – being an hour early is better than being stuck in the snow and an hour late!

Finally, always keep a bottle of water with you and be cautious when walking or driving – ice isn’t always visible.

Just remember, nothing is more important than your well-being, so take care this winter – especially during the dangerous weather.