Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 3rd December 2017

Weekly radio show . On every Sunday night at 6pm to 9pm uk time zone exploring the Mod genre from the sixties to the mod revival and also today’s mod sounds. with DJ Alan May. AKA Glory Boy

Track List
small faces you need loving
the creation hey joe
the who dirty jobs
sema 4 capital city
the killermeters high lifr
the killermeters rhona
accidents blood splattered with guitars
the boss one good reason
stupidity bend don’t break
the jetset Wednesday girl
the leepers paint ina day
the direct hits modesty blaise
doojip would I lie to you
threads international times
purple hearts nothings left
the riffts don’t give it away now
dexys midnight runners dance stance
the action ill keep holding on
the theme do you wanna
lemontops got no soul
the moot more in my life
terry shaughnessy volcano
the prince regents coffee shop girl
the bassics everyday life
the spitfires im holding on
the 48ks something to believe in
miles over matter somethings happening here
back lash run
grey skys heartbreaker
grey skys our love
grey skys fighter
grey skys stone
the jam pretty green
the jam start
the circles no idea
the circles bury your head
the crooks lets get together
dead or alive you spin me round
the revs joyrider
the manics headphones
the reaction talk talk
secret affair im not free
secret affair lost in the night
the lambrettAS beat boys in the jet age
the lambrettAS leap before you look
the moment just once