WWE Survivor Series 2017 – Previews and Predictions

The 31st annual Survivor Series event rolls into Houston, Texas tonight and somehow the main roster has to try to compete with what was an incredible night of NXT entertainment last night as part of Takeover: War Games.

Survivor Series this year will see both Raw and SmackDown champions go head to head for the very first time with the Cruiserweight Championship being the only title that is on the line.

There are also male and female elimination matches that will decide the bragging rights for either Raw or SmackDown over the next 12 months. Survivor Series is the final dual brand pay-per-view of the year and the final appearance for the Raw brand on Pay-per-view in 2017 so the company needs to make this one count.

As ever, The Brass Ring team are here once again to share their predictions head of the event and this weeks panel consists of Jake Waring, Emellio Savvas, Vickie Hopwood, Andrew Parker, Russ Hammersley, Phillipa Hopwood, Liam Bradbury and Chris Rossington.

Enzo Amore Vs. Kalisto – Cruiserweight Championship

Phillipa, Chris, Vickie, Andrew, Russ, Liam – Enzo Amore

Thoughts by Russ – Enzo was left humiliated on the last show which probably means he’s going over Kalisto in a quick match before moving on to another challenger and putting this feud behind him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Gulak cost Kalisto the victory. Enzo has carried the 205 Live roster over the past few weeks, but with rumours that Neville could be on his way back to the division, don’t count out the former Champion decides to make his presence known on Houston as well.

The New Day Vs. The Shield 

Phillipa, Andrew, Vickie, Chris, Russ – The Shield 

Liam – The New Day

Thoughts by Phillipa – The New Day and The Shield have never faced each other in a six-man tag team match, which is a shock considering both teams have been hanging around WWE over the past few years. Not only that, but The Shield is celebrating the fifth anniversary of their debut at Survivor Series back in 2012. The New Day were the ones who drew blood first when they arrived on Monday Night Raw a few weeks ago and cost Rollins and Ambrose their Tag Team Championships. The Shield then responded when Roman Reigns returned to action by invading SmackDown and attacking The New Day. This could be one of the matches of the night as we will finally have the answer to who the greatest trio in WWE currently is.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Charlotte Flair – Champion Vs. Champion match

Phillipa, Andrew, Chris, Russ, Emellio – Charlotte Flair 

Vickie, Liam – Alexa Bliss

Thoughts by Emellio – In this battle for supremacy between the brands we have two of the most talked about women’s wrestler of this era. However, this isn’t a matter of brand supremacy, more of a battle between Nature vs Nurture. Who has the upper hand? Charlotte or Alexa? Statistically speaking, Charlotte… but with recent events showing her face turn, will this be a hindrance, and will this be the edge Alexa needs to take advantage? With many controversial wins on both sides, I’m hoping Charlotte will pick up the win, but then again this will be a very close match up so either side could pick up the victory and I can’t say I’d be mad at either outcome.

Cesaro and Sheamus Vs. The Usos – Champions Vs. Champions match 

Phillipa, Chris – Cesaro and Sheamus 

Vickie, Andrew, Russ, Liam – The Usos

Thoughts by Vickie – This is a match that the WWE Universe isn’t particularly excited about. The Bar wasn’t even supposed to be a part of Survivor Series until two weeks ago in the sunny city of Manchester, England where aided by The New Day they committed daylight robbery and took the Tag Team Championships away from Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. They then stamped their ticket to the only pay-per-view of the year when Smackdown and Raw go head to head. As part of what was called “under siege” part two (baybeeee!) the crafty duo cherry picked the perfect moment when the entire roster had their eyes on The New Day to hit Seth Rollins with a Brogue Kick, picking up their third title reign together. Last week they also played their part when Raw invaded Smackdown Live and The Bar rushed in and beat down the majority of the Smackdown Roster along with the rest of Raw, leaving quite the impact on their opposition for tonight. Although, that’s not saying The Usos haven’t had their fair share of success in the weeks building up to this event, with numerous victories they continue to look like the strongest team on SmackDown Live but any team that includes the Swiss Cyborg looks like the team to beat. So, will The Usos welcome The Bar to the Uso penitentiary or will The Bar silence the doubters?My pick for tonight is The Usos but regardless of what the outcome is, it’ll be a brutal match.

Kurt Angle, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe, Triple H and Finn Balor Vs. Randy Orton, Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, John Cena and Shane McMahon – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Phillipa, Vickie, Chris, Liam – Team Raw

Andrew, Russ – Team SmackDown

Thoughts by Liam – One of the best lineups in recent years, this Survivor Series men’s match will be the definition of the Clash of the Titans. On the red side of the ring you have the Monster Among Men Braun Strowman, The Demon King Finn Balor, The Destroyer Samoa Joe, The Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle and the 14-time World Champion Triple H. On the blue side of the ring we have  The Glorious Bobby Roode, The Artist known as Shinsuke Nakamura, The Viper Randy Orton, The Commissioner Shane McMahon and 16-Time World Champion John Cena!

Both sides as you can see have their own redeeming qualities and both have the potential to tear down the house. Stephanie McMahon asked for total annihilation from her Raw team and that’s what I fear she is going to get with the late addition of The King of Kings in the place of Kurt’s son Jason Jordan. I do wonder whether or not The Game and Angle can co-exist considering Triple H decided it was appropriate to pedigree Jordan in front of this father to make his point. I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t coexist. On the flip side, Smackdown has their own combustible elements in the forms of the excluded duo Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. It has the potential to descend into absolute chaos, with the potential for so many people sticking their noses into the match and I for one, cannot wait to see who comes out on top with bragging rights for the next 12 months on the line. My pick is Raw.

The Miz Vs. Baron Corbin – Champion Vs. Champion match 

Phillipa, Vickie, Chris, Liam – Baron Corbin 

Andrew, Russ – The Miz

Thoughts by Phillipa – The Miz walks into his second consecutive Survivor Series event as the Intercontinental Champion and it seems that he is ready and prepared for the challenge that awaits him at the hands of United States Champion Baron Corbin. The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale winner decided to go after Miz’s pregnant wife Maryse in the build-up to this match, which probably wasn’t wise since The Miz is now primed and ready for a fight. Despite this, it seems that Corbin needs a win here after the run he has been on, but it is highly likely that Sin Cara will make his presence known as well. This could really go either way, both men have their own fair share of enemies, so this one will be interesting.

Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Asuka Vs. Natalya, Carmella, Tamina, Becky Lynch and Naomi – Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match

Phillipa, Andrew, Vickie, Russ – Team Raw

Chris, Liam – Team SmackDown

Thoughts by Jake – WWE is often accused of being too predictable. Well, that is not the case at the moment. It’s made even harder to predict this match since WWE has only recently confirmed that Natalya is the final addition to the SmackDown Live team. Since Charlotte usurped Natalya on Smackdown this week, her space becomes available. There were a number of WWE stars who could have taken Charlotte’s place on the team but it seems that Nattie was always the best option. With Asuka on the opposite side though, its hard to see past the Raw women’s team but I feel that Dana Brooke may interfere to set up a feud between the duo helping SmackDown Live to take the victory.

Brock Lesnar Vs. AJ Styles – Champion Vs. Champion match

Phillipa, Andrew, Russ – Brock Lesnar

Vickie, Liam – AJ Styles 

Chris – No Contest

Thoughts by Andrew –  It’s funny what can happen in a week, isn’t it? It wasn’t too long ago that the WWE Universe was looking at the proposed Brock versus Jinder Mahal match and thinking “Well…maybe it won’t be THAT bad. Right?” We were clutching at straws, finding anything that might suggest, however minimally, that Brock Vs Jinder would be something more than your usual squash-plex match. One championship match on Smackdown later (and, incidentally, Jinder’s best match in WWE by far) and we now have what many fans are calling a dream match, Brock Lesnar versus AJ Styles. Whilst there is, obviously, a massive danger that this could still follow the usual Brock blueprint, the inclusion of AJ Styles is a big thing. It’s no coincidence that multiple people in WWE have had their best matches with AJ Styles. It’s that kind of track record that makes the WWE Universe take notice – when AJ Styles and his brain is involved, then there’s every chance that a match could exceed all expectations. I still believe Brock Lesnar will go home with the victory, but the mere inclusion of AJ Styles means that maybe, hopefully, this will be a bit more than your usual Lesnar plex-fest.