NXT Takeover: War Games – Previews And Predictions

NXT is set to takeover Houston, Texas tonight as they present the first ever War Games match in both WWE and NXT history. The last War Games match took place almost 20 years ago under the WCW banner and it seems that WWE has finally found an arena that’s big enough to accommodate the insane structure.

Tonight is also the night that a new NXT Women’s Champion will be crowned in a fatal four-way match for Asuka’s vacated Championship. Velveteen Dream will finally take on the undefeated Aleister Black in his quest to be noticed by The Anti-Hero.

Drew McIntyre also defends his NXT Championship against the unpredictable Andrade “Cien” Almas knowing full well that if he doesn’t neutralise Zelina Zega at ringside then he could be heading into a handicap match.

NXT War Games takes place on the eve of Survivor Series and as with many WWE events over the past few years, NXT could well upstage the main roster given the depth that the card has tonight. As ever The Brass Ring team is here to share their predictions ahead of the tonight’s event, this weeks panel includes Jake Waring, Phillipa Hopwood, Andy Arthurs, Vickie Hopwood, Andrew Parker and Taylor Hopwood.

Kassius Ohno Vs. Lars Sullivan 

Phillipa, Vickie, Andy, Jake, Taylor, Andrew – Lars Sullivan 

Thoughts by Vickie – Kassius Ohno made sure he was on Lars radar a few weeks ago on NXT after the heavyweight has seemingly been on a fantastic run on the NXT roster. Lars has been someone who has been silently biding his time in the background on the developmental brand over the past few months and now it seems that he has finally been given the opportunity to have a singles match on an NXT Takeover show. Lars is being built into the next big star on NXT so it’s unlikely that Kassius will defeat him here if anything Kassius will be used to put Lars over in what could be an interesting opening match on the card.

Aleister Black Vs. Velveteen Dream 

Phillipa, Andy, Vickie, Taylor, Andrew – Aleister Black 

Jake – Velveteen Dream 

Thoughts by Andy –  Probably the best feud in all of WWE today. Black vs Dream sounds absolutely dreadful on paper. But the Contrast of both styles, plus the pushing of the acceptable by Dream during the feud has made this one of the highlights of the whole show. Both men undefeated, this is the biggest match of the Purple Rain Makers career so far… and as for Black? Well, this will just add to his high stock already. Black will take this. But both men will look like stars at the end of Saturday Night.

Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong Vs. The Undisputed Era Vs. Sanity – War Games Match

Phillipa, Andy, Jake, Andrew – The Undisputed Era 

Taylor – Sanity

Vickie – Authors of Pain and Roderick Strong

Thoughts by Andrew – Let the war games begin! It’s been far too long since we’ve heard those spine-tingling words uttered, to long since we’ve heard the phrase which precedes unparalleled violence and destruction. However, a great number of things have happened in those decades, including a rise in wrestling of the hardcore nature. Looking back at old War Games matches, the level of mayhem simply doesn’t match with what we’ve been accustomed to in recent years. That said, this is a modern spin on War Games, highlighting some of the greatest talents of this generation, so I have every confidence that they will push the boundaries of what we’ve seen in War Games. As for the victors – it truly is anyone’s game. Any team would be a believable winner. At a push, though, I’m going with The Undisputed Era. They’ve got the most to gain with a victory and, arguably, the most to lose with a loss.

Ember Moon Vs. Kairi Sane Vs. Nikki Cross Vs. Peyton Royce – Fatal Four-way for the vacant NXT Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Andy, Vickie, Taylor – Peyton Royce

Jake, Andrew – Ember Moon  

Thoughts by Jake – What. A. Match. I’m tipping this one to the steal the show. Anyone could win it, but here is my view of a potential outcome. Kairi Sane just won the Mae Young Classic, and she’s brilliant, but I feel like she would be better suited winning the belt of a heel further down the line. Nikki Cross is my favourite, but not for this match. I feel like she is strong enough without the title and actually feel she might eat the pin here. It’s a close run thing between the other two, as Peyton has Billie to potentially win dirty, but I am terrified that if she wins it would lead to a split of the iconic duo too soon. Ember Moon is a fantastic in-ring performer, and probably the one of the four who really needs the belt. Is it just me that finds her acting atrocious? I can’t bear to watch some of her cringe-worthy backstage stuff, but hopefully, this will be improved, and maybe the confidence of the strap might help. I’m saying a Billie interference doesn’t go to plan and ends up handing it to Ember who pins Nikki. It’s going to be class. Ember Moon t0 win.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Andrade Almas – NXT Championship

Phillipa, Andy, Vickie, Taylor, Jake, Andrew – Drew McIntyre

Thoughts by Phillipa – Drew McIntyre has been on quite the run in NXT over the past few months ever since he decided to re-sign with the company. Black has been a fantastic Champion ever since Bobby Roode was called up to the main roster and it seems that he has now become the target of Andrade Almas and his unpredictable manager Zelina Vega. The former NXT star has already proved effective at ringside in a number of Almas’s matches over the past few months and if Drew doesn’t have a way to neutralise Almas’s attractive assistant, he knows full well she will find a way to involve herself in the match to swing it into Andrade’s favour. Despite this, Almas doesn’t look ready for this kind of push, so the Championship should remain around the waist of the former member of 3MB.