Who Are STAND & What Difference Are They Making?

Who Are STAND & What Difference Are They Making?

In our society, we see tragedies happen every day, and they can affect people massively. Because of this, it’s important that we join together as a community in order to ensure that we cater for people with disabilities as effectively as possible. Anybody can be the victim of an accident, leading to a whole range of insurance policies, whether that is a whole life policy or a cleaning insurance policy. Regardless, the Stoke-on-Trent Area Network for Disability (STAND) are fighting daily to ensure that the lives for disabled people are just as easy as any ordinary person’s.

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So, Who Are STAND?

STAND like to describe themselves as “Experts by Experience”, as they completely understand how difficult the lives of people with disabilities can be, with even the smallest of obstacles making simple daily tasks much more challenging. The team consists of a range of individuals, with people with disabilities, carers and other people who feel passionate about improving the quality of life for people with impairments. Living an independent, private life can be extremely challenging for people with disabilities, and so STAND aim to tackle this problem and erase these obstacles to make their lives as independent as possible.

Whether you were born with a disability, or a tragic accident has forced you to live with one, you will understand the massive changes that even a small injury can make. For example, people with a leg impairment will suddenly realise how difficult it is to manoeuvre yourself around a building that beforehand, was never an issue. Because of the huge impact these disabilities can have on everyday life, STAND will never stop working until the suffering of people with disabilities comes to an end.

What Do STAND Do To Make A Difference?

Simply, STAND aim to make access to services and goods easier for those with disabilities. Although this has been improving, it can still be very difficult for individuals with impairments to gain access to these services that will ultimately make daily life more bearable. STAND recognise the need for independence within a person with disabilities’ life, and therefore have pushed to solve a range of issues that exist within the disabled community. Some of these issues are present in the following areas:

  • UHNS Parking and Access
  • Health Centres
  • Railway Stations
  • Shop mobility
  • Disabled Toilets

This is only a select few of the areas where STAND have made a difference in order to help a person with a disability cope better in their lifestyle.

Of course, this all wouldn’t be achievable without some hard work behind the scenes by STAND. Members of this organisation meet approximately 5 to 6 times a year in order to establish any progress that has been made on the different projects that they’ve been working on. Often, officials are invited to these meetings if they’re responsible for the success they have generated. Of course, many projects still have a long way to go until people with disabilities can live life just like anybody else, and so ways of pushing these projects forward are discussed at these meetings, which will be followed by actions being taken moving forward.

STAND are always developing, and will happily accept members who feel passionate about the well-being of people with disabilities. Ultimately, they hope that in the foreseeable future, we would have built a community that wholly accepts the needs of people with impairments and will adapt to their needs in as many ways as possible.