WWE No Mercy – Previews And Predictions

The Raw roster presents the first pay-per-view since last month’s SummerSlam event tonight as WWE rolls into Los Angeles California for No Mercy.

There has been a feeling of anticipation surrounding this pay-per-view ever since it was announced that Braun Strowman would be given his first shot at the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar after weeks of proving that he has what it takes to go to Suplex City and stomp it to the ground.

John Cena is also up against a man who has been called “the next John Cena” Roman Reigns, in what is also being called a dream match by the WWE Universe, since it was one that many WWE fans thought would never happen.

There are just eight matches announced for the event tonight, but it is still considered a highly anticipated event and could see a fair few upsets ahead of Survivor Series in less than two months time.

As ever, The Brass Ring’ team are here to pick the bones out of the card and this months panel includes Andrew Parker, Andy Arthurs, Conair Bibby, Joseph Steerment, Taylor Hopwood, Jake Waring, Vickie Hopwood, Emellio Savvas, Phillipa Hopwood and Thomas Simpson.

Preshow – Elias Vs. Apollo Crews

Phillipa, Vickie, Andy – Elias 

Taylor – Apollo Crews 

Thoughts by Vickie: This is basically the battle of the former NXT stars that WWE has no idea what to do with. Apollo has been aligned with Titus O’Neil for a while, but given that Titus is basically a jobber himself, this has done nothing for him. Elias has been put in the strangest feuds over the past few months, that hasn’t really helped him either since WWE keep pulling the plug when he seems to be building momentum. This matchup makes no sense, these two stars have had no contact on WWE TV yet, so either Titus is trying to recruit Elias to his brand, which would be a bad idea or WWE had nothing else to put on the preshow so they made the decision to have a meaningless match. Either way, Elias needs to win this one so that he can hopefully move into a decent feud with a superstar that matters.

The Miz Vs. Jason Jordan – Intercontinental Championship

Phillipa, Jake – Jason Jordan 

Taylor, Conair, Andy, Tom, Vickie – The Miz 

Thoughts by Conair: It was nice to see this feud get a little spotlight in the main event of Raw this week, despite the obvious conclusion of the six-pack challenge cooked up at the start of the show by Kurt Angle. The Miz and Jason Jordan have been on again, off again rivals since before Summerslam, albeit with the inclusion of Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel and The Hardy Boys to the mix, so it makes sense that their one-on-one meeting will happen at a big event (and on the main show) There’s no sure-fire favourite here, which makes the match a lot more intriguing than quite a lot of the Intercontinental Championship matches this year. The Miztourage are almost guaranteed to have an input in this match unless Jordan’s father intervenes and bans them from ringside (although I’m guessing that’s gonna be the stipulation for the inevitable rematch) Anyways, I see this one going in favour of The Miz. Jason Jordan’s recent contests with the likes of John Cena, Roman Reigns and Finn Balor have given me a feeling that something big is around the corner for Jordan and his Olympic father, and this is simply something to put Jordan in the conversation for some future championship storylines. Miz has been a sort of flagbearer for the title in recent years and it won’t hurt him or the title for him to retain here.

Finn Balor Vs. Bray Wyatt

Phillipa, Vickie – Bray Wyatt 

Taylor, Jake, Conair, Andy, Tom – Finn Balor 

Thoughts by Jake: This has been a relatively underwhelming feud, which should hopefully come to a resolution here. The only problem is that in order for a conclusion to be found, Finn must win. However, were Bray to lose, as he always does, he will have gone from WWE Champion to being as weak as Enzo Amore in half a year. I personally feel that Bray needs a family back, and although Rowan and Harper are on the Smackdown brand, it would be great to see them emerge here and rejoin the patriarch of the Wyatt family. Of course, this is WWE, so Bray will lose and be buried like he always is, leaving Finn to move into the Universal title picture again.

Neville Vs. Enzo Amore – Cruiserweight Championship

Phillipa, Conair, Jake, Andy, Vickie – Neville 

Taylor, Tom – Enzo Amore 

Thoughts by Andrew: Life on the main roster hasn’t exactly been kind to little Enzo – injuries, sexist storylines and ending up under Cass’s boot over and over again. To say that he’s become a joke of a character is a massive understatement. It’s a shame to see since Enzo and Cass’s run in NXT showed a lot of promise. They were constantly over with the crowd and were improving week on week. In fact, their championship match against The Revival was one of my favourite tag matches of that era. But, we must face the facts – today, Enzo is little more than a joke character. It seems like they’re trying to undo a little bit of that since his arrival on 205 live, with his gimmick of cheating his way to victory. But, sadly, it’s too little, at the moment, to mean he can take the belt off Neville. I think he will dethrone Neville, eventually, but it just would not be believable at this current time.

Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose Vs. Sheamus And Cesaro – WWE Raw Tag Team Championships

Phillipa, Taylor, Vickie, Conair, Jake, Vickie, Tom – Seth Rollins And Dean Ambrose 

Andy – Sheamus And Cesaro

Thoughts by Phillipa: Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose finally managed to put the past behind them and capture gold together at SummerSlam when they defeated the team of Cesaro and Sheamus, and as per WWE rules, the duo have cashed in their rematch clause so here is the return match. The former Champions have unsurprisingly attempted to get into the heads of the Champions by trying to show them that they can’t actually trust each other, despite the fact that Sheamus and Cesaro were only put together after they had done everything that could to beat each other. WWE have enough titles that they are playing hot potato with right now and given the fact that the SmackDown Tag Team Champions are constantly changing hands, they will want to keep these on Seth and Dean so that they can prove that they are just as dominant without Roman Reigns.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Nia Jax Vs. Sasha Banks Vs. Bayley Vs. Emma – WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Jake, Vickie, Andy, Tom- Alexa Bliss 

Taylor – Sasha Banks 

Conair – Nia Jax 

Emellio – Nia Jax/Emma

Thoughts by Emellio: Fatal 5-way for the WWE Raw Women’s Title Previously known as the Fatal 4-way, before Bayley’s return to the ring this past week on Raw. So with the abundance of scenarios with the outcome of the match, I personally have more interest in the friendships within the match. Firstly we have Emma, which is out on her own with no one else in her corner, will she be seen as the weakest and easily targeted? Probably. Next, we have The Boss and Hug Connection and well… if Sasha can keep her weave on and Bayley, well, probably pull Sasha through till the match is nearly over and then Sasha will probably turn on Bayley to secure the match… now, who would have seen that coming? Oh right yeah, everyone! And finally the recently fractured Team Rude. We all know Alexa is dirty and will do anything to win the match and well Nia will probably run through everyone until it becomes a 4 -on- 1 situation and then I hope Nia destroys them all. Can you guess who I’m rooting for? No? Me neither. I think Emma deserves a chance to shine, while Nia is long overdue a title reign, Alexa Bliss will always be the Goddess of WWE, Bayley… well yeah Bayley is just Bayley, and Sasha should hire a new hair stylist.

Roman Reigns Vs. John Cena 

Phillipa – No Contest 

Joe – Roman Via DQ 

Conair, Andy, Vickie – Roman Reigns

Jake, Taylor, Tom – John Cena

Thoughts by Joseph: It’s okay John, you can bury this one, no one will mind, it’s for the greater good. This rivalry started off very interesting, with shoot like promos which may have been scripted but still a move in the right direction, but with this being described as a WrestleMania calibre main event” both men have yet to have any physical offense and the weekly trash talk promos have gotten stale with both men taking jabs at controversies in each others careers. At one point Reigns called Cena, a part-timer and Cena criticised Reigns’ recent drug violation. Both men have been put in their positions as the company’s golden figures but despite “Big Match John” having two finishers one an unconvincing fist drop and the other a glorified firemans carry that couldn’t injure a sack of potatoes he is the better wrestler of the two. It’s obvious that Cena’s never been impressed with Roman and he is going to work to make him look like a bambi trying to find his legs on the ice, however my prediction is that the win will go to neither man if the rumours of The Undertaker returning are true and interfering in the match and attacking Roman before beating Cena half to death for his comments of being “a battered veteran at the end of his career. This will then set up that dream match of The Dead Man vs John Cena at Survivor Series. Also that out come would entail that neither of Vince’s golden boys pin the other, Roman gets his first ppv win since mania, coffee & cake for everyone.

Brock Lesnar Vs. Braun Strowman – Universal Championship

Phillipa, Jake, Andy, Vickie – Brock Lesnar 

Conair, Tom, Taylor – Braun Stroman 

Thought by Andrew: Well. This is going to make Vinny Mac foam at the mouth. Two big hosses in an absolute slug fest… and we love it. On one side, we have 2017’s most unlikely breakout star. Braun Strowman. The guy people lobbied to have him not face Undertaker, now gets one of the biggest reactions of the past year, due to his pure gargantuan strength! On the other? Brock Lesnar. The man who did face Taker. And won. The human wrecking ball. The one man nuke. The man you wouldn’t want to meet on a dark night. The name speaks for itself. The most dominating champion of the current era, Big Money Brock, with his Suplex, don’t give a ** style…
In an era of small Indy guys… no one expected this to be the most anticipated match on the card. And I love it. Brock to retain… but only after hitting Braun with everything. Including a car.