6 Towns Radio Is 7 Years Old

On Friday 8th September 2017 6 Towns Radio will be 7 years old.

Our first full day on air was on 8th September 2010,  but that wasn’t when it all started.   It took months of planning and hard work to get us on air.  Before we could go on air we had to get a studio setup, a full lineup of presenters ready.  Here is a quick look at our history.

7th July 2010 – We did our 1st web post
21st July 2010 – Station Open Day
18th August 2010 – Test broadcasts underway
8th September 2010 – Full daytime programs start
7th January 2012 – The first 6 Towns Radio Awards night
30th May 2012 – We did our first 30 day FM RSL in association with CRE8 Radio
20th January 2014 – We did our own 30 day FM RSL
1st Feb 2016 – 6 Towns Radio re launched as 6TR

A big thank you to all our listeners and sponsors who have supported the station over the years.  Also we would like to thank all our presenters both past and present for all the hard work they have put into the station.  Roll on our 10th birthday !

Here is your chance to listen to a great show we did a few years back to celebrate our birthday Join Duncan and Dan for this special show to celebrate our 5th birthday this show takes a look back at the history of 6 Towns Radio, we look at the history of the station, over 40 clips from past and present presenters plus a look at some of our key achievements.

6 Towns Radio – Our 5th Birthday – A look back at our history by 6 Towns Radio on Mixcloud