The Top 10 Things That Will Definitely Happen This Season!

So a new season beckons, we’re all excited about the possibilities that lie ahead, New Signings, New expectations, New Heroes? Sometimes a Football Season can pull out a shock, but some things are just generic. Welcome to….

The Top 10 Things That Will Definitely Happen This Season!



  • A Cold Wednesday Night in Stoke

    We all have pride in our home city, its what makes us what we are, however we all must admit that it gets a bit cold, rainy and windy every now and then, but do we need to be reminded every time Messi scores a hat trick in the Champions League? Yes we know he has never had to endure a Cold Rainy Night in Stoke, we can all dream!

  • I’ll Take the Mike!

    Mike Dean is a showman, he likes a hop and a skip, he has a quirky sense of humour and at times he doesn’t a clue what he is doing, Garth Crooks made a point to this in a video which is shared below, sometimes his decisions are so baffling to the point where the start to wonder ‘’Mike, Do You Want to be the Star?’’

  • Going, Owen, Gone!

    Michael Owen was a great player, till he was about 24 that is. One thing he isn’t though is a great pundit, to be fair he’s a bit of an idiot. His quotes have gone from the bizarre ‘’He looks like a footballer’’ to the ridiculous ‘’If you don’t score goals you don’t win games’’ Thanks for the insight Michael, and here’s to another season of it.



We love an underdog, Bournemouth have confounded critics, so to have Burnley. But the Underdog doesn’t always win, sometimes they have to be taught a lesson. But thats particularly harsh on the likes of Blackpool, Burnley(2009), Hull(2008) who gave us wonderful early season moments only to fall short at the last. This is of course a warning to likes of Brighton and Huddesfield who will need all the luck they need to stay in the division. However if they do stay up, please don’t end up like this guy!



  • From Saint to Sinner!

    Southampton have had many great players down the years, Rickie Lambert, Adam Lallana, Sadio Mane, Nathanial Clyne. Its just a shame that they have all ended up at Liverpool the season later, and with Virgil Van Djik on the verge of perhaps signing for the Merseysiders(at the time of writing) there is no doubt that the Saints’ star man will be linked to the Reds at one point.



  • A Roll of the Allardyce

    Whatever people say about Sam Allardyce one thing is for certain, he does the job! His Fish and Chip brand of football(definition will one day be explained) has been labelled as old fashioned and prehistoric, but tell that to fans of Bolton, Sunderland and Blackburn who probably all wish he was still in charge, so its guaranteed that one of the Bottom 3 will ask for his services only for Big Sam to leave them just days after guaranteeing them survival, we all know its going to happen. If its a short term gamble you want, then Sam is the man!


  • Jose Mourinho in On The Buses!

    When it comes to astute tactical decisions its perhaps fair to say Jose Mourinho is the master, from his days at Porto to the moment he out thought Pep Guardiola in 2010 with Inter Milan he is the best at getting certain kinds of results regardless of how entertaining his teams were and at times it showed again last year. The finest example was away at Liverpool last year with Mourinho grinding about a tepid 0-0 draw with one simple tactic, Parking The Bus! It works at times and if United find themselves away from home top of the league with just weeks away, expect the same from Portugal’s answer to Blakey!


  • Its Our Year Lads!

    The start of every season brings new hope and optimism for every Liverpool fan, after 27 years of hurt many feel that for the first time since the days of Dalglish they have a manager that with a bit of fine tuning can provide them with consistent silverware, however haven’t we seen this all before? The Likes of Benitez, Rodgers, Houllier and even Roy Evans were all expected to provide Liverpool with the elusive Premier League title only to fall short, or were they were only building for next year



  • Arsenal Fan TV Meltdown

    For the period of time last season, Ok The Whole of Last Season, ArsenalFansTV was just the gift that kept on giving week after week, whether it was Claude berating Wengers continuously strained legacy at Arsenal or Troopz ending every point with the words blud or fam, Arsenal Fan Tv provided hours of entertainment for the football connoisseurs and was for many the highlight of the campaign. And with Wenger signing a new 2 year deal the world will be watching again, at the first sign of a crises the Vultures will circle and the likes of Troops, Claude, Moh and DT will be spending 10mins of their time berating the veteran managers apparent out of date Tactics, at least he has Ty!


  • Footballs Coming Home….. Again!

    Ok, maybe I’m going a bit overboard here, I’m not saying England are actually going to win the World Cup, but every single year there is that sense that maybe this might be our chance. We know it isn’t, but if Portugal can win the Euros and Honey G can make the Quarter Finals of the X Factor then anything is possibly, Right? RIGHT???!!….