Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 27th August 2017

Listen Again – Glory Boy Mod Radio Show 27th August 2017
Weekly radio show. On every Sunday night at 6pm to 9pm UK time zone exploring the Mod genre from the sixties to the mod revival and also today’s mod sounds. with DJ Alan May. AKA Glory Boy

Track List
Seventeen – Bank Holiday Weekend
The Vandells – Bank Holiday
The Urge – World’s Going Mod
The Dodos – Catch 22
Tripple Cripple – Baby I Don’t Mind
The Fixations – Rex Features

The What – East Coast Kids
The Night Riders –  I Saw Her With Another Guy
The Trend – Teenage Crush
The Moderns – Ready For The Eighties
The Strangeways – All The Sounds Of Fear
The Stilettos – This Is The Way
The Users – It’s Not True
The Media – Back On The Beach
Straight Up – One Up All Out
Danny Grey – Medley Danny Grey Groove Box
The Deep Six – Sorry
The Deep Six – Best Be On My Way
The See No Evils – I Wanna Be Free
The Launchers – Dutty Mouth
John Lee Hooker – Dimples
The Bold – Gotta Get Some
The Bad Roads – Blue Girl
The Directions – What Goes On
The Stripes – Canteen Girls
Lost Men – Service Noia

Danny And Jim – Subculture Uk
The Counts – I’m A Little Mixed Up
Mike Wallace – Natural High
The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums A Go Go
Fortune Tellers – Aint Gonn Cheat On Me Again
The Who – Kids Are Alright
The Who – I Can See For Miles
The Who – Pictures Of Lily
The Who – My Generation
The Kinks – I Need You
Chants R&B – Neighbour Neighbour