Marc Espley Guests As Stoke City View From The Stands – 14th July 2017

Marc Espley Guests As Stoke City View From The Stands – 14th July 2017

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We’re starting a new weekly feature on the Boots Bats N Balls show each week. We’ll be inviting a supporter on to the show to discuss their team and we’ll also be asking them a few questions about the team.

To kick off the series we have Marc Espley, head honcho at Stoke Loud and Proud, a facebook Stoke City Fan Page.

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We asked Marc to answer a handful of questions about his favourite subject – Stoke City.
Here’s what he had to say in response.

Were you Hughes should stay or Hughes should go at the end of last season?

To be honest I was sat on the fence as I knew a lot of what’s was going on and some was out of Mark Hughes’s control. I agree that his game management at times was questionable, but the team as a whole lacked leaders on the pitch motivating them when levels dropped in game.

What are your thoughts on Mark Hughes now and the events that have happened since the end of last season and has your view on the manager remained the same?

Some players that Hughes has brought in have not lived upto the billing, and have caused a small amount of unrest within the club. My backing of a manager is immaterial, he is in Charge of picking the team and heading the coaching of the squad, if the owners are happy with the job he is doing then it makes no difference what we as fans think.

Name three players who Stoke could realistically sign and would improve the squad.

Ross Barkley for one, he seems out of favour at Everton and would improve us, with the Coates family’s wealthy not many players of unrealistic in terms of what we could offer them, but the ambition of the club could be called into question. Why Stoke did not throw money at Trippier when he was not playing at Spurs I’ll never know, to late now though. Would take Ndidi from Leicester, not quiet as good as Kante but a similar tenacious player we need

Who has impressed you in the early pre season games in Switzerland?

The fact we have won in pre season is a plus, but not what’s it’s all about really. Fitness is the main issue, something we have lacked in previous years mainly due to pre season been used as a marketing tool rather than what it’s there for. Positives from the two games, Ngoy looks ready to step up and from what’s been shown Fletcher seems to be a good orchestrator and leader on and off the pitch. The academy players did not look that far of what was needed from them which proves how far the academy has come in the past 3-4 years. Josh Tymon looks some player for his age and his pace is a bonus as I never had him down as that being one of his attributes.

On a scale of 1-5 how (1 is low) how do you feel about Stoke’s season ahead and where do you think they will finish?

Very hard to judge yet as we don’t know how many new players are coming. The fact we are targeting the defence gives me hope that the management team recognises the problems, (just hope we go back to man marking on corners).

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