Bunny from Duck Magazine Guests As Stoke City View From The Stands – 28th July 2017

Anthony Bunn aka Bunny from Duck Magazine Guests As Stoke City View From The Stands – 28th July 2017

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More of our new weekly feature on the Boots Bats N Balls show where we invite a supporter on to the show to discuss their team and we’ll also be asking them a few questions about the team.

Latest recruit to the series is Bunny, editor at Duck Magazine, a Stoke City Fan Magazine.


We asked Bunny to answer a handful of questions about his favourite subject – Stoke City.
Here’s what he had to say in response.

Were you Hughes should stay or Hughes should go at the end of  last season?
Neither to be honest. I think it might be an age thing. I also got sick of social media, which seems to have replaced the pub as a meeting place. Thing is, people sometimes type their thoughts without thinking on the internet, and that means their views become entrenched immediately. Type ‘Hughes Out’, and there seems no going back.
I personally hate managers being sacked as that means our club isn’t doing too great, but I’m sure Sparky feels under pressure after how we’ve played for some time now.
I felt he shouldn’t have come out with his “7th place is attainable” media soundbite after we were abysmal in the FA Cup with Wolves. Most knew that it was simply impossible given the way we had been playing for some time.
What are your thoughts on Mark Hughes now and the events that have happened since the end of last season and has your view on the manager remained the same?
Very little has come into the club since then to make  me massively optimistic, and with Arnautovic and BMI elsewhere you could say that a team that struggled has lost its best defender and best attacker, That means the next few weeks are  massively important for us and our manager. I simply haven’t seen enough pre-season form to suggest we will hit the ground running, although I’m off Bolton today and St Pauli next week and expect/hope to see a huge improvement in sharpness,
Name three players who Stoke could realistically sign and would improve the squad.
Crikey, that’s a tough one. Position is easier than personnel for me: I want four: two full backs, an attacking wide player with pace, and I still think we need a midfielder. You could also add in a striker as Saido Berahino has to come to the party this year. Saying that, we have got to get players around him when we attack.
Who has impressed you in the early pre season games?
I think Darren Fletcher is an important signing, as much for the dressing room as the pitch. A very underrated player, you don’t have the career he has unless you can really play. Shaqiri has been the standout player so far, and with Arnie gone I expect him to really step up on a consistent basis.

On a scale of 1-5 how (1 is low) how do you feel about Stoke’s season ahead and where do you think they will finish? 
No higher than a 2 at present, but that could change. As stated before, we have been average at best for a while now, and have lost two integral players to the team with minimal incomings. I want us to gain an identity in how we play: we are neither an attacking or defensive team, and our midfield is often overrun by other teams as we don’t seem to hold positions. It was scary how Sheffield United totally battered us for the first half this week.
I can’t see us any higher than 14th at present, but there is time to add a few players.
Any other business?
Whilst I might seem pessimistic/realistic here, DUCK magazine continues to be as positive as possible – probably because we realise that football is about so much more than the actual match. We’re still here, still monthly, still a half-decent read.

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