WWE Money In The Bank: Previews And Predictions

WWE rolls into St Louis, Missouri on Sunday night for one of the biggest events of the year with the added history making female’s Money in the Bank Ladder match this year.

WWE Champion Jinder Mahal defends his Championship against hometown hero Randy Orton, The Usos take on history makers The New Day with the Tag Team Championships on the line and Naomi puts her title on the line in Lana’s first ever singles WWE match.

Six men will then climb a ladder with an opportunity in that briefcase for a future WWE Championship match, the women will also follow suit as the five SmackDown Live standouts compete to crown the first ever Miss Money in the Bank.

As ever The Brass Ring team are here to pick the bones out of all the speculation leading up to the event and to share their thoughts when it comes to their match previews and predicted winners. This months team includes Andrew Parker, Victoria Hopwood, Jake Waring, Steven Dimelow, Emellio Savvas, Phillipa Hopwood and Chris Rossington.

Kick Off Show – The Colons Vs The Hype Bros

Phillipa, Steven, Andrew – The Hype Bros 

Jake, Vickie – The Colons

Thought by Jake – Woo woo woo! Zack is back! Mojo has had a decent time of it as a solo competitor while his Hype Bro was on the treatment table. I am looking forward to them being reunited, as their energy is infectious, and perfect for the kickoff show. Thank goodness the Colons are no longer selling time-shares in the Caribbean, and can now be taken seriously as heels. Faces tend to go over on the kickoff show, but I’m actually going to go for the Colons here via chicanery. It would be a good way to start off a new rivalry. The Smackdown tag division is in good shape, considering it wasn’t even a feature of Mania only a few months ago, and with the reintroduction of the Hype Bros it is set to get even better. Who remembers American Alpha? Poor guys.

Naomi Vs Lana – WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Emellio, Andrew, Vickie, Jake – Naomi 

Steven, Chris – Lana

Thoughts By Emellio – Lana has been away for a few months getting ready to take the SmackDown Women’s Division by storm, however, Naomi has already proven what she can do and The WWE Universe is yet to see Lana wrestle since she’s been away for training, this may give her the edge that she needs to take out Naomi. I am hoping that the winner of the MITB Women’s Match could possibly interfere with the match to help Lana win because they may think she’s an easy target. However indulgent that may be Naomi is a strong competitor and has the upper hand going into this match!

So basically my prediction is Naomi will win the match, however, I would love Lana to win, it’s exactly what her career needs right now!!!

The Usos Vs. The New Day – WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships 

Phillipa, Steven, Emellio, Andrew, Chris, Jake – The Usos 

Vickie – The New Day

Thoughts by Vickie – The New Day made their SmackDown debut a few weeks ago and in true WWE fashion, they decided to step straight into the title picture, because their historic run as Champions over on Raw has meant that they can obviously move straight over and challenge The Usos despite hardly doing anything noteworthy since they hosted WrestleMania. It’s unlikely that WWE will allow The New Day to win the Championships in only their second SmackDown match but given how successful their Raw reign was, don’t completely rule out them winning on Sunday.  

Jinder Mahal Vs. Randy Orton – WWE Championship

Phillipa, Emellio, Andrew – Randy Orton 

Steven, Chris, Vickie, Jake – Jinder Mahal 

Thoughts by Phillipa – It has been a real life Jinderella story over the past few weeks as Jinder Mahal became the pawn that WWE decided to use to build the bridges they needed to launch their product in India. It seems that this has done nothing to help the ratings of SmackDown Live recently and whilst The Modern Day Maharaja has been entertaining, he has been a little too much for the casual wrestling fan and WWE knows that something needs to change. The Viper is out numbered and out gunned on Sunday night as Mahal will bring The Singh Brothers to the party once again but in his hometown it seems that The Viper may have some poison left in those fangs and with his father at ringside, we all know it wouldn’t be the first time he’s jumped the barricade to help even the odds in his son’s favour. Cowboy Bob Orton needs to be the difference here and help his son lift his 14th World Championship to tie WWE COO Triple H when it comes to record reigns. Thanks for coming Jinder, but it’s about to strike midnight and it’s time for your carriage to turn back into a pumpkin and for you to head back to the mid-card.

Carmella Vs. Charlotte Vs. Tamina Vs. Natalya Vs. Becky Lynch – Female’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match

Phillipa, Emellio – Natalya 

Steven, Andrew, Vickie, Jake – Carmella 

Chris – Charlotte 

Thoughts by Jake – Another PPV and another first for the Women’s Revolution. The welcoming committee will likely work together at first, targeting Charlotte and Becky Lynch. If Charlotte was still heel I would be backing her to win this no problem, as the briefcase is best suited to a heel. As there are two MITB matches on the card it would not be a huge surprise to see one of them cashed in on the night. If that was the case then I expect Carmella could take this, with some help from her (boy)friend James Elsworth. I’m going to boldly predict that the Princess of Staten Island ends the night as Smackdown Women’s Champion. Then again, everything is so unpredictable at the moment that anything could happen. Just as it should be. Wouldn’t even write Tamina off. It’s going to be fantastic and I cannot wait.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Shinsuke Nakamura Vs. Kevin Owens Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Sami Zayn Vs. Baron Corbin – Men’s Money in The Bank Ladder Match 

Phillipa, Emellio – Dolph Ziggler 

Steven, Andrew, Vickie – Baron Corbin 

Chris – Shinsuke Nakamura 

Jake – Sami Zayn

Thoughts by Andrew – You can keep your Royal Rumbles, your Survivor Series, your ill-fated return of King of the Ring – Money in the Bank is my most anticipated match of the year. Who can resist a huge spot fest with six of the best talents every year, with the added bonus of a surprise cash-in later in the year? Hearing the opening notes of the briefcase holder’s music, knowing you’re probably going to see a new champion, it still makes the hairs on the back of my head stand up on end. That’s no mean feat for someone with alopecia! This year, we have six amazing talents, as ever. And, as ever, most have a decent chance of walking away with the case. The two most likely, I think, would be Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin, as they would have the most to gain from holding that briefcase. In the end, I’ll have to give it to Corbin. It would be totally against Sami’s character to take advantage of a weakened opponent. It’s possible for Zayn to win it and then declare his match ahead of time, but that totally negates the shock and surprise that a cash in can give.