WWE Extreme Rules – Previews And Predictions

It’s the one night of the year that WWE gets Extreme (Except for Hell in a Cell and TLC obviously) and it seems that WWE wants to ensure some of their feuds on Sunday night go out with a bang. A kendo stick-on-a-pole match, as well as an Extreme Rules fatal five-way and a steel cage match for the Tag Team Championships, are all some of the highlights of the night when WWE rolls into Baltimore Maryland for Extreme Rules.

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Raw’s event is the stepping stone en route to Money in the Bank for the SmackDown brand in just two weeks time and the WWE Universe are now aware of the competition between the red and blue brands as SmmerSlam lingers on the horizon.

Ahead of the event The Brass Rings team has one again shared their predictions and this month’s panel includes Vickie Hopwood, Chris Rossington, Andy Arthurs, Andrew Parker, Phillipa Hopwood, Jake Waring and Steven Dimelow.

Sasha Banks And Rich Swann Vs Alicia Fox And Noam Dar

Phillipa, Jake, Steven, Andy, Andrew – Sasha Banks and Rich Swann 

Vickie, Chris – Alicia Fox And Noam Dar

Thoughts by Steven – This mixed tag team match as been made through a rivalry between Sasha Banks and Alicia Fox. The feud began when Sasha beat Alicia in controversy fashion when Raw was in London because Alicia’s shoulders were not actually down. Their rematch the following week saw Alicia come out on top in what was one of the shocks of the week before Sasha once again came out on top a week later. Alicia’s boyfriend Noam Dar then inserted himself into the match and was slapped by Sasha to allow Alicia to hit her signature Scissor Kick. Sasha then took Rich Swann’s side this past week on Raw when he took on Naom Dar and secured the victory to set up this Tag match on Sunday night. The feud has been back and forth over the past few weeks with Noam Dar recently coming out with a victory on 205 Live, which means it is likely that the scales will be balanced and Sasha and Rich will be victorious here.

Neville Vs. Austin Aries – Submission Match For The Cruiserweight Championship

Phillipa, Jake, Steven, Andrew – Austin Aries

Andy, Chris, Vickie – Neville

Thoughts by Phillipa –  Who doesn’t love a good submission match between two Cruiserweights? Now, let’s be honest, we all thought that Payback would be the last time that these two met, but it seems that WWE have found an inventive way to continue their feud and now a Submission match will decide who walks out of Maryland with the Cruiserweight Championship. It’s The Last Chancery up against The Rings of Saturn, which is apt since this could well be Austin Aries last chance to dethrone the king and prove that he is the right man to rule 205 Live.

Alexa Bliss Vs. Bayley – Kendo Stick-On-A-Pole Match For The Raw Women’s Championship

Phillipa, Chris, Jake, Andy, Chris, Vickie – Alexa Bliss 

Steven, Andrew – Bayley

Thoughts by Jake – Alexa vs Bayley in a… Wait a minute… In a what match? Kendo stick-on-a-pole-match? That’s right. So what does that mean? I’ve got no idea really, but from what I can tell it’s just a normal match but there’s a kendo stick.. on a pole. I imagine Bayley could win over even more fans by taking a heck of a beating with the kendo stick, but the magnificent Alexa Bliss is flying at the moment, and I can’t see her losing the title in a match as silly as this. Silly though it may be, these two are fantastic and it will likely surprise us. Not with the outcome though. Alexa retains.

The Hardyz Vs. Cesaro and Sheamus – Steel Cage Match For The Tag Team Championships 

Phillipa, Steven, Chris, Vickie – The Hardyz 

Jake, Andy, Andrew – Cesaro and Sheamus 

Thoughts by Andrew – Sheamus and Cesaro to win.

They’ve got to win, right? Surely? They’ve lost out to Hardys in every single confrontation on every PPV and every Raw. Whether in singles, tags or 6-man tags, the Hardys have come away with the win. Cesaro and Sheamus have to finally get a win back one way or another, right? Please? It’s been incredible to have the Hardys back, even if they’re not exactly setting RAW alight at the moment, but Cesaro and Sheamus deserve so much better than being jobbers to the stars. I’m backing them to finally get a win back, not out of logic, but out of pure, unadulterated desperation.

Dean Ambrose Vs. The Miz – Intercontinental Championship – If Dean Is Disqualified Then Miz Wins The Championship

Phillipa, Jake, Steven, Andy, Andrew – The Miz 

Chris, Vickie – Dean Ambrose

Thoughts by Vickie – It’s been a lengthy feud between Miz and Dean Ambrose when it comes to the Intercontinental Championship that dates back to their time together on SmackDown Live. It seems quite a shock to have a title change hands via DQ at an event that was made for no-DQ matches, but WWE logic strikes once again. It seems that The Miz has made an enemy and even though he handed Elias Samson his win two weeks ago via DQ, The Drifter stated that it is an “eye for an eye” and he could well involve himself on Sunday night. This would finally allow Ambrose to branch out into a feud with Elias heading into the god awful named pay-per-view Great Balls of Fire and Miz can then be the mid-card Champion WWE want, since they have such a problem with Dean and his complacency.

Seth Rollins Vs. Roman Reigns Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Bray Wyatt Vs. Finn Balor – Fatal Five-Way Match To Crown The New Number One Contender To The Universal Championship

Steven – Finn Balor 

Jake – Roman Reigns 

Andy, Chris – Samoa Joe 

Vickie – Bray Wyatt 

Phillipa, Andrew – Seth Rollins 

Thoughts by Andy – The “never been done before” “only because Braun got a boo boo” “winner faces the invisible man” fatal five-way match, should be the main event and if all the stars align, could be the MOTN. Now. For two of the guys (Seth and Roman), they’ve tussled with Brock and where Roman was close to sending the beast back to hell, Seth was pretty much decimated. Yet both men are on rolls, could they both get another crack at Brock Lesnar? Bray Wyatt. Mr MumbleJumbleRambleJamble. He’s been close to clashing before (until infamous booking choices changed things). Bray has been on a high since losing his WWE Title. Could he claim more gold? Finn Balor – The Golden Boy of the match, the first ever Universal Champion who never got his one-on-one rematch. Could he get his title match on Sunday? Finn hasn’t seemed himself since returning, but if the Demon Surfaces, then it’s anyone’s game? Samoa Joe – Former NXT Champ, Seth injurer, man who’s been a wrecking crew since popping up on Team Red. A big lad who’s speed could be the key to toppling over Lesnar. And why I think he will end Extreme Rules. Holding four heads and wanting to slay the Beast to make it five.-