Rainy Weekend? Don’t Let It Spoil The Fun

Rainy weekend? Don’t let it spoil the fun.

We all know you can’t bet on the English weather, but don’t let the downpour put a dampener on your weekend. Think outside the box and make the most of the indoors, with a fun array of activities, perfect for all ages and guaranteed to beat the boredom.

Tidy closet, Tidy Mind

Are you a hoarder? Do you hold onto old items from yesteryear that you haven’t even batted an eyelid at, but are keeping for that one day that you’re going to lose weight, or when that vintage jacket might come back in fashion, or just maybe you might use for a fancy dress party? If you haven’t worn it yet, you’re not going to wear it now, so it’s time to clean that closet. Bring out the bin bags and get sorting! It’s surprising how cathartic this rainy day exercise can be and how accomplished you will feel after.

Get Creative

Use your weekend to get inspired, excited, and for some tender loving self-care What’s more, the worrisome weather makes it even more fun to whip out the arts and crafts. Dig out old magazines, and birthday cards, and get cutting and sticking. Have you ever tried making a vision board about your goals and dreams? Try it, go wild, think about the trips you want to take, the new hobbies you want to try or what you want to achieve this year. There are no rules; this is for you, to create your own visual bucket list. Put this board somewhere where you can see it every day, to remind yourself that your ambitions are achievable.

Mindfulness colouring is all the rage these days. This gentle pass time has been proven to promote inner calm, focus and all over general wellbeing. Mindfulness colouring books, available from most bookstores, contain beautiful images to colour in. So why not brew a cuppa and get colouring?

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Go Fish

Card games are the complete rainy day antidote and welcome groups of all sizes. Whether it’s a good old game of Rummy, or even a classic with a twist, who knows what could happen when the cards are shuffled and the deck is dealt. Make it interesting and play for a killer prize, or a frightening forfeit. If there are any competitive players among the group, you are certain to be amused for hours.

Come Dine With Me

Crank that heating up, light the fire; it is time to get your money’s worth from those Jamie Oliver cookbooks that have collected dust on the shelf. Gloomy weekends provide a great backdrop for a fun boozy dinner party with your nearest and dearest, and an excuse to indulge. Pop the cork, put on your favourite tunes and show off your mad kitchen credentials.


Cash In

There are some really fun UK casinos, so have a flutter and utilise being stuck inside by playing exciting online casino games. Unlimited entertainment is yours with the click of a mouse, and an abundance of enticing options to choose from at and some great classics like Blackjack and Roulette. There’s nothing like a big cash jackpot to brighten up a wet weekend!

Rainy Racing

Unleash your inner racer with a day of indoor go carting. Don’t let the weather knock the wind out of you. Rev up your racing skills, recruit the troops and lap them while you score some miles on the track.