National Unplugging Day Is This Sunday!

This Sunday (25th June) is NATIONAL UNPLUGGING DAY 

UK parents are losing control as their children flock to social media and immerse themselves in digital technology.


A ground-breaking survey reveals children as young as 6 hold social media accounts:


More than half of children hold one or more social media accounts with some as young as 6 having a presence on-line.

Nearly half of parents surveyed (41%) were unsure of the rules around social media privacy and settings.

The majority of parents (85%) had no monitoring software or system on their children’s digital devices, apps and social media networks.


Sunday 25th June is the third annual National Unplugging Day, where kids and adults alike are being asked to leave all their electronic devices alone for the day and enjoy each other’s company the old-fashioned way. No Xboxes, iPhones, tablets, computers etc. Maybe go to the park for a game of rounders, or a picnic?

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