Review | The Play That Goes Wrong

Following the show’s appearance on The Royal Variety Performance and it’s more than successful run in the West End which has cemented itself as a MUST-SEE in the capital, The Play that goes Wrong has been on my watch list for quite some time. So,  when it was announced it was was going on tour, but more importantly stopping off at the Regent Theatre, Stoke-on-Trent, I was unashamedly over the moon, some would say giddy and I have been waiting “patiently” ever since.

This is one of the few shows where it is ridiculously hard to talk about any single part that was excellent without spoiling it for someone, So here is your warning – I’ll try my best to avoid any spoilers but don’t shoot the messenger if one slips through the net!

Before we even step foot into the auditorium we are met with a concerned stage manager asking if we have seen a dog that goes by the name of ‘Winston’ that has apparently gone walkies – this was 10 minutes before the show was about to begin and already things were already going wrong!

This is a ‘show within a show’ where we are watching the Cornley Polytechnic Drama Society’s version of The Murder at Haversham Manor – an Agatha Christie style whodunnit.

But as the name ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ suggests however, we’re not here to work out who murdered who. We’re here to see a play going wrong, very wrong – not just lines being forgotten or props being misplaced. We’re talking whatever could go wrong probably, almost certainly will.

The show reminds me of a classic episode of Mr Bean or even Fawlty Towers, comedy that is genuinely funny because of the performance and excellent physical comedy that is on show and doesn’t need to rely on swearing or vulgarity. The whole cast are extremely talented and make the slapstick and farce ridiculously believable which adds to the laughter/shock from the audience when the cast make you believe it’s the first time it has ever happened

If you have ever been in an amateur dramatic/College or even School production as a performer or even as an audience member some, if not all of the characters will be extremely relatable which definitely makes it that much funnier and sometimes a bit hard to watch as you cringe your way through a scene.

The final scene of the show really DOES bring the house down and I left Regent Theatre still laughing and amazed at the excellent precision that the performers must have night in, night out to make the stunts look effortless and unplanned.

You can catch The Play That Goes Wrong at the Regent Theatre, Hanley until 6th May 2017 and you can book tickets from