Weapons Seized In 50-50 Hanley Raid

An imitation handgun and two daggers have been seized in the latest 50-50 raid.

Officers raided a property in Lowther Street, Hanley this morning and found weapons and a small quantity of cannabis.  The weapons found were two serrated daggers with 4″ blades, which would be illegal if carried outside, and an imitation handgun.

A woman living at the address, aged 29, was also issued a community resolution after being found in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

Chief Inspector Neil Hulme, commander of the Stoke Central local policing team, said: “Following some good work by my officers, we have taken three dangerous weapons off the street and shut down another known drug location.

“50-50 continues to disrupt criminals in Staffordshire and there’s much more to come.”

To see the latest updates go to www.staffordshire.police.uk/50-50 or search for #police5050 on social media.

Via Staffordshire Police